An Introduction to Different Sprinklers

An Introduction to Different Sprinklers

Sprinklers are an important part of any yard maintenance, especially as the weather begins to warm up. With so many different options available, you may be wondering which type of sprinkler is the best for your specific home’s needs. At Perry Homes, we want to help you keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy. Listed below is an introduction to the different types of sprinklers.

Spray Heads

When most individuals think of sprinklers that companies utilize, they are probably thinking of a “fixed spray head” or spray head sprinklers. These sprinklers have small heads that disperse water in a fan-pattern across the land. It is very similar in look and feel as a shower nozzle. While they have many customization options, the majority of homeowners find the pre-set options more than meet their needs. Generally speaking, these types of sprinklers are able to water land for up to 18 feet, at which point another spray head would need to be installed to cover any remaining yard space. Spray heads need between 20 and 30 pounds per square inch (PSI) water pressure in order to effectively operate.


Rotors are named as such because they operate by rotating streams of water either in circles or back and forth over a yard. The sprinklers that many people think of when they think of sprinklers is an “impact” rotor sprinkler. These are the ones that move back and forth while shooting bursts of water. They make their signature “tic tic tic” sound. Nowadays these impact rotors are being replaced by gear-driven rotors which are quiet, low maintenance and much smaller in size. The new turbine and gear-driven rotors involve one or more streams of water moving silently across the landscape in order to cover the entire surface area with water. They can be spaced eight to 65 feet apart, depending on the size of the yard and how much surface area there is to be watered. They generally need about 35-45 PSI in order to operate at their fullest capacity.

Rotary Nozzles and Rotators

While they are similar to traditional rotors, rotary nozzles and rotators are a new type of sprinkler all their own. They received their name because they are a small rotor that is about the same size as a standard nozzle on a spraying sprinkler. Basically, they are smaller, less expensive spray head pop-up bodies. They do not have as much evaporated mist as their rotor counterparts and thus are often marketed as being more ecologically friendly. They generally have a radius of between 15 and 35 feet and use multiple streams of water that rotate around the nozzle in order to effectively cover an area of land.

At Perry Homes, we know how important your lawn is and we want to keep you informed on the mechanisms you use to keep it healthy and thriving. For more tips on homeownership, take a look at our blog. If you are in the market for a new home, do not forget to check out our new homes for sale.

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An Introduction to Different Sprinklers

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