Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

Pets are beloved members of many families across Texas and we’re more than happy to share our homes with furry friends. However, sometimes their hair and dander makes it difficult to keep our homes clean. Here are some tips to maintain your beautiful dwelling while also enjoying the companionship of an animal.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Want a clean home? Start with a clean pet! Giving your dog regular baths will help prevent the doggie odor that can infamously take over the inside of an otherwise clean home. Regular baths should be given to dogs once a month. However, if your dog finds itself on an adventure involving particularly strong stenches — such as a run in the mud or a dive into a lake — consider giving them an extra bath for good measure.

Cats may not require the regular baths that their canine counterparts do, but there is a substantial amount of work that goes into keeping kitties clean. The most noticeable source of smell is from a litter box. While the number of times you should clean out their litter box varies from cat to cat, a good rule of thumb is to make sure you are emptying the dirty litter and replacing it with new product at least twice a week. This will keep your home smelling fresh and clean for every occasion.

Choose Fabrics Wisely

Think about your pets when choosing fabrics for your home. While velvet and silk couches can look divine, they are also a trap for catching loose dog or cat hair. Next time you decide to go shopping for furniture, think about investing in fabrics that are tightly woven and easy to clean. For example, leather is perfect for pets because it is easy to be vacuumed — and it looks fantastic in just about any home as well. Other great fabric choices for pet owners include canvas and microfiber.

Invest In A Great Vacuum

If you adopt a dog or a cat, you are usually going to have to face the reality of pet hair (unless you adopt an adorable hairless animal.) While this reality is inevitable, there are products that will work to help you eliminate and take care of this issue in the most effective way possible. Shop for vacuums and dusters that are specifically designed to collect pet hair. While you may have to pay a little bit more in price for these specialized items, you will be happy when you are not coughing up furballs later!

Do Not Wait To Clean Up Accidents

It’s to be expected that the inevitable happens. All pet stains, from vomit to waste, need to be cleaned up immediately and effectively in order to maintain a clean-looking and clean-smelling home. Any accidents that go untouched for even a short amount of time can quickly seep into the floor and be incredibly difficult to remove. It is also important that you use cleaning products specifically designed to clean up spills from pets. Traditional cleaners often contain ammonia and may encourage pets to mark the spot in the future.

At Perry Homes, we wish to give you a beautiful home for every member of your family — including your four-legged ones! Check out our lovely selection of homes here.

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Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

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