Making Your Game Room Work for You

Making Your Game Room Work for You

All the rooms in your home have a purpose. Many of them are functional—kitchens are for cooking, laundry rooms are for cleaning, and bedrooms are for sleeping. Yet your home should also be a place for relaxing and having fun on the weekends or at the end of a long day at work. Though you can kick back anywhere in your home, it’s nice to have a space that is exclusively devoted to this. Luckily, many Perry Homes floorplans include a game room. Once you have this dedicated space, you may find yourself wondering what to do with it and how to set it up in order to maximize your usage. There are lots of fun things you can do with game rooms, and your purpose will depend on where you are in life and what your priorities are. Most game rooms tend to be spacious so you can tailor it however it best suits your needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Purpose 1: The young and restless playroom

Those with young children will relish the idea of a game room, of having a safe, child-proof place for your kids to play and an earmarked space to contain toys. Let’s be real, you will still find toys scattered throughout your home, as any parent can attest. But a dedicated space for toys and playing will help cut down on the clutter immensely.

  • Shelves, bins, and buckets for toys

You finally have room for all the stuff your little ones has, but it’s important to establish an organization system so the mess doesn’t spiral quickly out of control. Buckets, bins, and bookcases will be your best friends. Colorful bins make toys easy to sort and clean up. Line the walls with shelving units that can tuck all the buckets away and out of sight when not in use.

  • Space for floor play

Younger kids need lots of room to roam, so reserve floor space for indoor games such as hopscotch, Legos, or even just large puzzles.

  • Chalkboard wall

Chalkboard paint lets you transform a wall or just a small area so kids can be free with their creativity. It also looks nice and adds a splash of kid-friendly decor. Make sure to prime and smooth the area first so writing and drawings go on beautifully and wipe off with ease.

  • Art easel

If you don’t love the idea of encouraging sanctioned wall scribbling, consider getting an art easel. Many are two-sided models with a chalkboard and dry erase side, with clips for paper and bins for storage so your kids’ creativity can bloom.

Purpose 2: The teenage escape room

As kids grow older, the start to acquire less blocks and action figures and more electronics and games. The ideal playroom for a teen or pre-teen will look a lot different from a toy-stuffed haven. To keep older ones entertained, they will thrive with just a few basic things.

  • Gaming center

Many teens and pre-teens love to play video games with their friends, so having a TV is a must for this. Even if they don’t play video games, they will probably want a TV to watch movies and shows. Mount the TV on the wall to save space, and invest in an entertainment unit that can house the console, games, controllers, and remotes.

  • Computer center and homework space

As kids move into higher grades and the more serious homework assignments start to roll in, it is wise to have a computer and desk area where they can work. Use a desk with storage space for office supplies and any extra computer components.

built-in study nook with desk, drawers and shelves located right off of main hallway
  • Areas to stretch out and relax

Whether the kids invite their friends over and just have an evening in, they will be more likely to use the game room if it’s set up for their comfort. Give them spacious couches, tables to store their drinks and snacks (if they’re allowed!), and throw pillows and soft rugs to laze on.

Purpose 3: Family and friends entertainment room

Having an entertainment room that the whole family can enjoy is the most versatile and fun idea. Complete with games and activities designed to please people of all ages, this entertainment space is an option that will never feel tired. You can simply change up the games, furniture, and decor as you see fit. Have fun decorating and keep the decor on brand with board games as wall art. A few ideas to get you started:

  • Game paradise

Whether you veer toward arcade games, board games, or classics such as pool, darts, ping pong, or shuffleboard, this is the ideal place to set up your haven. Remember that each large game will need about 3-5 feet of additional space between them to give you room to play, so keep this in mind when planning your space. Want an easy and fun way to keep score? Try a chalkboard table for keeping score.

  • Home bar with beverages on demand

Whether you stock it with alcohol or not, a home bar is the perfect way to keep your fun night going without having to leave the room. Keep it stocked with drinks and snacks. For extra fun, consider putting beer or soda on tap, which will help mimic a night on the town without ever leaving home!

  • At-home cinema

If your home doesn’t have a theatre room, consider making your game room your prime spot for catching up on the latest films. Get some theatre seating, install the perfect lighting, and don’t be afraid to go big with both screen size and speakers.

Whatever you decide to do with your game room, make sure it works to entertain you. Check out some Perry Homes floorplans with game rooms to find one that suits you!

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Making Your Game Room Work for You

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