How to Meditate at Home In 3 Simple Steps

How to Meditate at Home In 3 Simple Steps

Create the ultimate home meditation retreat for maximum relaxation

No doubt you have heard Oprah or the nightly news or your neighbor down the street extol the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness, possibly this year’s most popular buzzwords of mental health and wellness.

And the research definitely backs up the many claims. But even if you have downloaded the apps, purchased the equipment and overcome the most common fears and barriers that new practitioners of meditation and mindfulness often experience, you still have to find a place to actually do it! That is where we would like to chime in.

Even if you are only dedicating five or 10 minutes out of your day for your mindfulness practice, you can create a calm, inspiring and personalized meditation retreat in your own home; a place where you can escape the demands and worries of the day, slow down and focus on the present. You deserve as much! So check out these tips to creating the ultimate tranquil meditation retreat right in your own house.

Choose a dedicated space

Whether you choose a custom-built backyard yurt, a spare room or a simple, tucked-away corner, claim a dedicated space in your home for your retreat. The space needs to be big—or small—enough to suit your needs. If you plan to integrate yoga into your self-care routine, make sure there is space for you to move and stretch.

But if you are looking for a cozy retreat for a guided meditation practice, a small, intimate space might work best. Choose a spot as remote as possible and far away from busy common areas like kitchens and living rooms. Your space should be distraction-free and private. Ask your family to respect your privacy and your space. For example, if your retreat is not closed off by a door or other partition, request that others not use or pass through the room your retreat is in while you are using it, and ask them to help you keep your space in order by not adding their own possessions.

Furthermore, keep your space uncluttered. Keep your mat and props in a basket, and your sound machine or other accessories neatly organized on a shelf. Do not bring or leave objects that represent your hectic life into your retreat—that includes your cell phone.

Make Mother Nature an honored guest

As human beings we are drawn to natural light and benefit from nature’s presence in our lives. The mental and physical health benefits of plants are numerous and well-known, so simple, low-maintenance houseplants are a natural addition to any meditation space. Scatter them around your area at different levels, if possible, and let their calming presence enhance your meditation practice. Check out this helpful list of no-hassle, stress-reducing and purifying houseplants.

Make the most of natural light by choosing a meditation space close to a window: bright sunlight helps us stay present—and conscious—during our practice. If bright, natural light makes it more difficult for you to relax, consider dimming the glare with a scarf or rice paper. And whenever weather permits, open the window during breathwork and take in the fresh air.

Make your nook beautiful and comfortable

While clutter is unwelcome in your retreat, Pinterest-worthy decor is a must! Plants and flowers go a long way towards beautifying a space and creating relaxing energy, but your retreat should also be personal. Use colors, pictures and objects that bring you peace. That might be neutrals like white and soft pastels or it might be bright blues or greens.

Next, make your space comfortable to be in. Arrange blankets, pillows, mats or even a chair to create your central meditation spot. Helpful hint: upright posture keeps us present during our meditation, so a chair that encourages good posture is a must if you are not keen to sit on the floor.

You can also integrate sound with a meditation playlist or sound machine and bring in essential oils to enhance the soothing quality of your space through scent—ylang ylang, for example, is calming and relieves anxiety. Whatever you desire, take the time to create a retreat that you cannot wait to escape to.

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How to Meditate at Home In 3 Simple Steps

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