5 Memorial Day Activities You Can Enjoy Outside

5 Memorial Day Activities You Can Enjoy Outside

Every year, people search for the best Memorial Day activities they can enjoy outdoors while the Spring weather is still moderately cool. If you are looking for some fresh Memorial Day ideas you can enjoy in the sun, we have you covered. Explore our guide to learn some great themes you can host that will give your guests an event to remember.

Host a Movie Outdoors

You can convert your barbecue into a box office with a digital projector and smooth white sheet or shower curtain. First, set up a cozy spot for your friends and loved ones by placing some comfortable chairs facing a wall. Set your sheet agianst the wall and have your guests watch a favorite Memorial Day flick while you flip the burgers. Your can even decorate the outside of the curtain with a red, white and blue frame to mark the occation.

Just make sure the weather is clear that day.  

Camp in the Backyard

For younger children, the excitement of camping is simply being outdoors with their family. So, why not set up camp right in your backyard? Just pitch a tent and make sure to fill the night with plenty of camping-inspired activities. A scavenenger hunt is a great way for kids to pass the time before sundown. After sunset, grab some flashlights and tell some spooky ghost stories. If you have a firepit, you can gather around a bonfire to roast marshmallows for s’mores.

Have a Memorial Day Brunch Outdoors

No one said a barbecue is the only suitable activity for Memorial Day. A patriotic brunch is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate the day with friends and loved ones. For extra effect, why not go with a red, white and blue motif. Try dipping strawberries in cream and blue sprinkles for a cool and creamy effect. Pancakes topped with whipped cream, raspberries and blueberries are also a great way to liven up your Memorial Day spread. For dessert, take a trip back to your childhood with red, white and blue Bomb Pops.

Lawn Game Olympics

How about a little friendly competition to celebrate the holiday? While a Memorial Day game of football is perfectly suitable for Memorial Day, there are a number of other fun games you can play in the backyard. Bocce ball is a game for skill and strategy (similar to olympic curling) that you can play with several teams. If you are a fan of bowling, there are lawn bowling sets perfect for the whole family. Finally, cornhole has been a popular backyard game that is easy to set up and put away when everyone has left.

Make it a Poppy Party

Did you know that poppies are the official symbol of Memorial day? The red poppy, or Rememberance Poppy in the United Kingdom, symbolizes the sacrifice of soldiers fighting for the Allied powers during World War I. Do not worry, you do not need to gather fresh poppies. Silk ones will work just fine and can be found at many party supply or craft stores. Try placing a budle in mason jars and placing them on tables for a heartfelt centerpeice. You can also make a striking flower wall as a backdrop using plastic flower grids. Finally, why not create a grand entrance to your party by placing silk poppies over a wooden archway?

A stunning backyard can make any Memorial Day activity one to remember. Looking for some backyard designs that will spark your inspiration? Explore Perry Homes’ gallery of homes for ways to turn your backyard into an amazing space for your next patriotic party.

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5 Memorial Day Activities You Can Enjoy Outside

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