Your Guide to the Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch at Home

Your Guide to the Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch at Home

Mother’s Day only happens once a year — so it is important to show one of the most influential people in your life just how much you care. A Mother’s Day brunch is the perfect way to do just that! Explore our guide to help you plan the perfect celebration at home.

Start With the Design

Incorporate a Popular Theme or Style

There are several ideas for Mother’s Day décor that you can incorporate into your event. Try an elegant theme inspired by “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or a more whimsical theme like afternoon tea in the garden. If you feel creative, consider an art-deco affair or a gem-inspired brunch. You can even have guests dress up for the occasion — just make sure to include these details on the invitation.

Additionally, there are plenty of color schemes you can choose from to set the right mood. Pastels offer a modern twist on neutrals and can work with just about any space. You could also incorporate textured metals into the décor or flatware to create a compelling design that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Add a Touch of Luxury

While place cards and menus are not required, they will elevate your Mother’s Day brunch. Order them online or make them yourself if you feel creative. Curate the space with personalized place settings and designated seats. And, consider ending the gathering with a sweet gesture: Offer guests a parting gift, like skincare products, a small flower arrangement or a lip gloss and nail polish kit.

Perfect Your Mother’s Day Brunch

Choose Your Brunch Spot

Not every brunch requires a formal backdrop. You can opt for a more casual affair on the back patio or front porch, in a breakfast nook or sunroom. Guest circulation is another important factor to consider. Think about:

  • How guests will arrive. Will they enter through the front door? Or, will you have a sign that directs them to the backyard?
  • Where they will go for drinks. Do you plan on having a bar set up where they can make their favorite cocktail? Or, will there be a wait staff that will take their drink order?
  • Where guests will mingle. Will there be sofas for guests to relax and socialize? Or, will they stand around high-top tables until it is time to take their seats?

Whatever you decide, make sure the circulation throughout the space feels natural for an optimal guest experience.

Select a Sit-Down or Buffet Setup

Buffets are ideal for large groups because guests can choose what they want rather than have a set menu. If you desire a more formal gathering, a sit-down brunch might be your best option. You can also hire servers to help create a seamless Mother’s Day brunch experience.

Stick To a Preparation Timeline

Brainstorm the menu and work out the logistics a week before the event. Start your shopping about two days prior to ensure you are not missing any ingredients. Cook everything the day or night before and reserve the morning of for last-minute details. It also helps to label things to ensure your setup is a simple and smooth process.

Create a Delicious Menu

You cannot go wrong with eggs, a type of meat and carbs. Opt for sausage, bacon or ham and consider a meatless option for vegetarian guests. French toast, pastries, yogurt and fruit are always a delicious addition. If you want to add a little Southern spin to your Mother’s Day Brunch, fried chicken and waffles and brown sugar bacon are on-trend. Avocado toast, Greek yogurt parfaits and chia seed puddings have also become popular brunch staples.

If you are looking for even more inspiration to elevate your Mother’s Day brunch menu, here are a few more ideas that are sure to please:

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Your Guide to the Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch at Home

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