5 Functional and Space Saving Mudroom Storage Ideas

5 Functional and Space Saving Mudroom Storage Ideas

A mudroom might have the most appealing name, but with a little help, you can create a functional and stylish place to store and organize your family’s belongings.

Explore our guide to learn the best mudroom storage ideas for your home.

What is a Mudroom?

A mudroom is a second entry to your home, originally designed as a place to store shoes, coats or workwear that may track dirt through the home (hence the name). It acts as a storage area for these items and is a fantastic addition for individuals who work outdoors or parents with children who play outside.

Ideally, a mudroom should be well organized with plenty of storage. However, you should not treat it as just a utility room. Your mudroom should also reflect your style and taste and blend well with the rest of your home’s design.

Below are some helpful tips to design the best mudroom that provides the perfect mix of style and functionality.

Hide Your Mudroom Storage Items

Just because your mudroom serves a functional purpose, does not mean it has to look like it does. While mudrooms are there to store your shoes, boots and jackets, you do not need to show these items off to your guests.

For example, you can use baskets or colorful totes to hide your shoes, boots and backpacks. If you use cubbies to store your belongings, find some containers that fit just right to create a clean and stylish set of drawers that can hide everything away.

For coats and uniforms, try installing drapes over coat racks to keep your clothes hidden.

Get Creative With Your Mudroom Organization

One of the most creative ways to utilize space is to find furniture that does double duty. Mudroom benches with shoe storage are one way to achive this. People entering will have a delightful place to sit and take off their shoes and easily place them underneath for quick storage.

Pegboards or slatwalls make for a excellent way to customize your storage. You can set these up however you like to hang bags, purses, coats and hats.

Personalize Your Mudroom Storage Areas

Want to get children excited about using your mudroom? Nameplates are a clever way to create a space for children that is truly thiers.

Place nameplates over mudroom cabinets, to create a little locker room just for them. You can also place nameplates over coat hangers to remind them that their coats and backpacks need to be stored when they enter the home. If you own a mudroom benches with shoe storage you can place nameplates on each cubby to make it their space.

Protect Your Walls and Floors

If you are designing your mudroom or purchasing storage items, make sure the walls, floors and other elements are well protected. Mudrooms can take a lot of abuse, with bags and shoes flying about as children rush in from school.

Wainscoting is a decorative paneling you can install on walls to protect them from dings and impacts. They are made from durable materials and have a timeless look that is aesthetically pleasing. Classic wood paneling is also quite durable and look great when installed.

You should also consider purchasing an area rug to protect your floors from dirt and mud. Choose an easy to clean material like jute or polypropylene for options that are inexpensive, but still visually pleasing.

Create a Flow Between Rooms

Your mudroom can absolutely reflect the same style you choose for the rest of your home. Matching colors between your mudroom and adjacent rooms will create a seamless transition as you trave between areas.

You should also try and match your design style as well. For example, if your mudroom is right next to a kitchen with a contemporary design, try to match your mudroom with a similar style.

Looking for a home that has plenty of room to accommodate your mudroom storage ideas? Discover your ideal home today!

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5 Functional and Space Saving Mudroom Storage Ideas

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