Your New Home Final Walk-Through Checklist

Your New Home Final Walk-Through Checklist

A final walk-through is an important part of any home purchase. Essentially, this is your last chance to ensure the property is up to par before closing. Once you get the keys, it is officially yours. You want to ensure there are no surprises when the time comes to move in.

The first thing many homebuyers choose to check during a final walk-through is that any issues found during initial inspections have been taken care of. This is also the perfect opportunity to verify that all the provisions in your final sales contract are addressed appropriately. Are there any appliances or pieces of furniture included in the sale? Make sure they are present and of the quality expected. 

Additionally, the final home walk-through is one of your last chances to lawfully walk away from your contract. It is important to ensure the house is up to the standard promised so that there are no surprises once you move in. If any issues are uncovered during the final walk-through, they can either be addressed—this will likely delay the closing—or serve as a reason to back out of the sale.

Knowing what to look for during your home walk-through can help ensure you and your new home are prepared for closing. Take a look at the final walk-through checklist you should follow during your last visit before getting the keys. 

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A final walk-through checklist for your new home detailing
everything from what to bring with you—like a phone
charger, real estate agent and camera—to the appliances
and systems you need to check before closing.

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Your New Home Final Walk-Through Checklist

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