One-Story Home or Two: Choose the Style That is Right for You

One-Story Home or Two: Choose the Style That is Right for You

Choosing the right home is a big decision. While it may seem like the larger the home, the better, that is not always the case. In fact, choosing between a one-story or two-story home does not always come down to size. Your lifestyle will ultimately determine the correct choice — and the answer may surprise you!

Explore our guide to learn which type of home is right for you.

How to Decide What Floorplan Will Suit Your Lifestyle

When purchasing a home, there are several factors you should consider. The simple ones are things like: How many bedrooms? How big is the yard? How many cars can the garage fit? However, a good architect can accommodate those elements regardless of how many floors a home has.

The truth is, added space should not be your only deciding factor when choosing the number of floors you want. In many cases, buying a single-story home may have more benefits and accommodate all your needs. Here are some of the most important things you will want to consider:

  • Price
  • Design
  • Customization
  • Accessibility
  • Maintenance

The Benefits of Choosing a One-Story Home

When it comes to the overall cost, a one-story home is less expensive, but not for the reasons you might think. If you are simply approaching your home purchase based on how much space you can afford at the lowest cost, a two-story home is actually a better option (more on that later). One-story homes generally benefit from lower utility costs since they typically require only one air conditioning unit to cool the home. Also, many open-floor plans provide superior circulation over home with many rooms, driving utility costs even lower.

By combining initial purchasing costs with lower utilities, a single-story home edges out the price of a two-story home over time.

Single-story homes are a popular design choice for many home buyers and builders. Many homes, including Perry Home’s wide selection of single-story homes, include open-concept designs that offer a lot of flexibility. Open-concept homes appear larger and provide more room for design options. They can also appear brighter and more vibrant, allowing light to move freely from space to space.

Another benefit to a single-story home is accessibility. Staircases can be challenging for people with mobility issues, young children and small pets. If you have members who may have difficulty climbing stairs, a one-story home might be the better choice.

Maintaining single-story homes is a bit easier since many areas are easier to reach. Think of roof repairs, cleaning out gutters or installing new shade screens. This type of maintenance is a lot easier to deal with when you do not need to climb a 12-ft ladder.

How to Maximize Your Space

If you are looking for ways to increase the amount of space in your home, there are plenty of tips and tricks. Despite overall square footage, many single-story homes have plenty of space to work with since they are less segmented than two-story homes. Below are some great tricks to get the most out of your floorplan.

  • Choose strategic storage, like furniture with built-in storage, ottomans, benches or floating shelves
  • Mount your TV
  • Purchase minimalist furniture with exposed legs
  • Install strip lighting
  • Make full use of garages and sheds

The Benefits of Choosing a Two-Story Home

As we mentioned earlier, two-story homes are the better option when it comes to getting the most space for the lowest price. That is because building a second floor in a home keeps the overall footprint to a minimum, allowing you to fit in more rooms without needing more foundation. By building up rather than across a large foundation, you are saving on excavation, land costs and long stretches of plumbing and electricity.

From a design standpoint, multi-level home plans offer far more privacy than single-story homes. They also allow for unique design themes you may not want to focus on in an open-concept floorplan. For example, if you want to dedicate a room to your favorite sports team, complete with memorabilia, a two-floor home allows you to design away from the main living area.

While lack of accessibility for some is an issue in two-story homes, it can also be a benefit. Windows on the second floor can be left open without safety concerns. Not only can you enjoy fresh air entering your home on a nice, cool day, but the views are always amazing!

Whether you are looking for a one-story home or two, Perry Homes has a wide selection of open-concept homes ready for purchase. No matter your needs, you can discover your ideal home today!

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One-Story Home or Two: Choose the Style That is Right for You

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