Explore Perry's Range of Architectural Designs

Explore Perry's Range of Architectural Designs

You have decided it is time to buy a new home. But where do you start? There are so many architectural designs in today’s market! Choosing a home design is often the first step of the home buying process. Your home’s style should not only be beautiful to look at — it should also reflect your personality and needs. 

Ready to find the perfect home that matches your lifestyle? Explore these home styles to help you select one that best represents your style. 

Home Design Styles To Fit Your Needs 

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or looking to downsize, Perry Homes offers a wide selection of adaptable home styles that make it easy to find the perfect home for you and your family. To continue our commitment to superior design, we frequently update floor plans based on customer feedback and the latest industry trends. Here is a in-depth guide to our most current designs to help narrow down your selection: 

Brick Cottage 

Drawing their inspiration from England, cottages feature steeply pitched roofs, stone or wood exteriors and window shutters. The architecture is often asymmetrical and unbalanced yet aesthetically pleasing. Cottages emphasize first-floor livability, with the kitchen, dining area, living room and workspaces all on the main level. This home style also maintains a steady design flow from one room to the next. Perry Homes’ cottage-style homes feature stone and brick exteriors that come in a variety of colors, making you feel right at home from the moment you walk through the front door. 


Craftsman homes are among the most popular home styles and are easily recognized by their lowpitched or clipped gable roofs, covered porches with tapered columns and exposed beams, brackets and rafters. The exteriors often feature three types of siding — board and batten (vertical), lap (horizontal) and shake — which are typically combined in earthy tones with stone accents. 

The craftsman style extends to the interior of the home, providing a mix of warmth and simplicity. Squared-edge trim is often used for molding, doors have flat panels and mission-style or shaker elements appear in the cabinetry and staircase. While many craftsman homes feature natural wood tones, some modern styles incorporate white or light colors. 


This architectural design is an American take on the classic French Countryside look, with its characteristic pitch hipped roofs and round towers. Exteriors come in brick and stone, giving these homes a quaint and rustic look. Each morning, you can view the neighborhood through large, vertical windows with arched tops framed by beautifully painted shutters. 

Hill Country 

Hill Country residential architecture is inspired by the Old World German style. These homes are constructed using local materials, such as limestone and wood. Many home features either low pitched gabled or hipped roofs or both. Exteriors can show off the quality craftsmanship with stone walls, cedar brackets, beams and columns. Many Hill Country designs may also feature a wide porch with plenty of space to design a stunning entryway to greet guests. 


This Old World home style is influenced by the architecture of Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Greece. Homes feature low pitched roofs, with hipped or gabled designs – or a mixture of both. Exteriors are typically clad in stucco, with a focus on classic ornamentation, like wrought-iron hardware, clay roof tiles and tile patterns. Mediterranean-style homes can also feature spacious balconies, either projected or recessed, in open or covered styles. 


As we mentioned earlier in this guide, Modern and Contemporary are not the same in the home building world. Modern home architecture was very popular between the 1900s and 1960s in contrast to the heavily ornate designs coming out of the Victorian era. Modern architectural designs emphasize clean lines and asymmetrical, boxy patterns. 

Structurally, modern home styles feature low, pitched roofs and deep overhangs. Exteriors lean heavily on minimalist elements, with oversized windows and industrial elements throughout.

Mid-Century Modern 

This architectural design is reminiscent of the Global Modernist Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. They combine the International style with the Frank Lloyd Right Ranch Home. Exteriors come in a range of materials, such as stucco, brick, stone, tile or siding. Features include simple, linear massing with recessed covered entryways and roofs with deep overhangs and exposed structural elements. Multiple geometric windows are a defining feature of this style, allowing plenty of bright light to enter the home.

Modern Prairie 

If you are looking for a Texas home inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie design, our Modern Prairie homes reject more elaborate and ornate details for sleeker elements. Modern Praire homes are topped with low-pitched, hipped roofs with deep overhangs and dormers. Exteriors are constructed with masonry, horizontal siding or stucco. This minimalist design features long bands of oversized windows and trims which make way for brightly-lit interiors. 


These timeless and solid home designs draw influence from a mix of classic designs. Simple lines and minimalistic ornamentation highlight these homes. Roofs feature narrow overhangs with at least one frontfacing gable. Exteriors provide a rustic profile, featuring ample textured stone and brick. To maintain a classic look, windows are organized in an orderly structure with 2 x 3 glass patterns. 


Transitional homes provide a classic look – with a modern twist. Sharing traits from both the Traditional and Modern architectural styles, these homes feature simple lines, neutral colors and minimalistic elements throughout. Roofs are constructed in either medium pitched gabled, hipped or a combination of both, with dormers often present. Industrial details, such as metal railings or brackets, highlight the home to round out the more modern elements. This is the perfect home option if you like the structure of a Traditional home but are looking for a more relaxed style typical in newer homes.


Are you a fan of rugged, medieval architecture designs? Tudor-style homes are reminiscent of an English Manor, with heavy stone or brick exteriors highlighted by wood details. These homes feature gabled roofs with a ridge parallel to the street and narrow overhangs. Dormers are also common in these designs. Visitors will be greeted by a narrow, covered entryway with an articluated surround. Windows are tall and narrow, with multiple panes. Some homes also feature a floating bay window. 


It is easy to imagine yourself in the Italian countryside when choosing the Tuscan architectural style. Like its namesake, these homes are inspired by the villas of Tuscany, with their simple yet rustic designs. You will enter the home through a tall, rounded entryway, brightly lit by overhead lighting. Exteriors are constructed with stucco, stone or a combination of both. Clay tile roofs and wrought-iron and wood details help add texture and curbside appeal. 

Which Home Style Is Right for You? 

When it comes to buying a new home in Texas, there are several styles available to you. It is important to make sure that the one you choose is right for your budget, needs and aesthetic preferences. Many of Perry Homes’ designs offer multiple elevations to choose from, providing the flexibility to personalize your new home and meet the needs of your lifestyle. 

Are you on the hunt for a new home? With a wide variety of popular architectural designs to choose from, you can find a home that meets your unique needs. Explore Perry Homes’ move-in ready properties in some of Texas’ most desirable neighborhoods to find your dream home today! 

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Explore Perry's Range of Architectural Designs

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