How to Pick a Window Treatment

How to Pick a Window Treatment

When it comes to buying different items for their homes, many people do not put too much thought into their window treatments. Even though many people do not view them as a necessity, the type of window treatment you end up purchasing makes a huge difference in the aesthetics of your home. Along with being decor on their own, they also can regulate the amount of light that enters a room. At Perry Homes, we want to help you create your home exactly how you would like it. We have listed some of the most common window treatments and their pros and cons below.


Blinds are a popular choice due to their low price and modern look. They are often considered “hard” treatments, because they are composed of metal and wood and arranged in slats, giving them a very obvious and dramatic flair. There is diversity in the types of material they can be made of with varying slat widths and also are available in horizontal or vertical options.The most popular blinds include aluminum, plastic and wood:

  • Plastic: The most budget-friendly of materials, plastic blinds are a popular choice for guest rooms or temporary needs.
  • Aluminum: With their sleek and elegant aesthetic, aluminum blinds are generally found in living rooms or bedrooms. They offer slightly more versatility than their plastic counterparts, coming in more shapes and sizes.
  • Wood and Faux Wood: A modern alternative to shutters, wooden blinds bring warmth to a room. Their looks can vary the most, depending on the type of wood used and if it is a dark or light hue. Faux wood can provide a similar look with easier maintenance.


As opposed to blinds, shades are considered “soft” window treatments, because they are made of fabric. They do not allow for light-filtering adjustments in the same way as blinds, but different shades do vary in levels of opacity. The three main types of shades include roller, Roman and cellular shades.

  • Roller: These shades roll in and out of a valance tube in much the same way as wrapping paper, allowing for easy use.
  • Roman: Roman shades cascade down in beautiful folds in much the same way as drapery panels.
  • Cellular: Otherwise known as “honeycomb” shades, these work through pleated chambers that trap air and provide a layer of insulation.


The most expensive option, shutters are created from wood or faux wood and definitely create a custom feel to any room. They look fantastic inside your home and even help curb appeal, as they are usually able to be viewed from the outside of your home as well. Depending on your budget, you can create shutters to fit any room and any design that you desire.


Easily the most customizable of window treatments, curtains are made from fabric and can feature an infinite amount of colors and patterns. You can either buy curtains that are ready-made or, if you have the budget, you can buy custom-made options. Depending upon the amount of UV exposure from your windows, curtains my fade from extended sunlight exposure so keep that in consideration when making your window treatment selections.

At Perry Homes, we want you to be informed about many options when decorating your home. Check out our blog for more design tips, and do not forget to take a look around our new homes for sale.

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How to Pick a Window Treatment

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