Popular Materials for Kitchen Countertops

Popular Materials for Kitchen Countertops

What are the most durable countertop materials? Which materials result in a low maintenance countertop? These are just some of the questions you may have when designing your new kitchen. Explore popular options below to help you select the best kitchen countertop material for your needs.


A popular choice for homeowners, granite countertops are durable and add an element of luxury to your kitchen.

It’s important to note that granite is a completely natural material, so it is porous. Make sure you blot away spills, instead of wiping them, so the liquid does not seep into the stone. Pay special attention to oil, wine (especially red wine), soda and acidic spills (like juice). For cleaning, stay away from vinegar-based formulas and instead opt for cleaners that are specifically made for granite—you can also use dish soap diluted with water. Right after cleaning, wipe off any moisture with a dry cloth to help further preserve the surface.

Sealing granite is an essential step in proper upkeep as the sealant works as a barrier to help protect your granite from spills. When you purchase a new home, your homebuilder should already do this process for you before you move in; if you are unsure, ask the builder to ensure proper care. High-quality sealants can last 10 to 15 years and should always be used when possible. Lower-priced sealants may only coat the top of the surface instead of penetrating the grooves in the granite. This results in less protection for your countertop.

Granite is a more expensive kitchen countertop material, but it adds a sophisticated touch to any kitchen with its shine. Unlike many new-home builders, Perry Homes includes granite as a standard kitchen countertop in many of our homes!


Another popular option for homeowners is quartz. Quartz is a manmade material made by combining resin, pigments and ground quartz to create a glossy finish. With the addition of these man-made materials, the resulting quartz is a non-porous and chip-resistant countertop. However, unlike certain natural materials, including granite, quartz is not heat resistant—placing hot pans on the surface will cause damage.

The color and pattern of a quartz countertop will vary depending on a variety of factors including the blend of stone and resin. Pigments may also be added during the manufacturing process to achieve a certain color.

Proper care includes avoiding exposing the material to too much heat and cleaning the surface with a non-abrasive cleaner.

The popularity of quartz is largely due to the fact that it is often a less expensive option than granite while still offering a similarly luxurious look.


Does your dream kitchen include marble countertops? Marble is a beautiful, timeless design option that can elevate your kitchen—however, there are a few things you should know before you make your decision.

First, marble is often one of the most expensive options for kitchen countertops. Secondly, like granite, marble is a natural material, so it is porous. Your countertop will need to be protected with some regular maintenance to avoid staining. Be sure to properly seal the material and avoid exposure to acidic liquids to preserve its quality. Choosing a marble with veining may help hide stains and wear.


Soapstone is a material often seen in labs because the surface is very resistant to stains and bacteria. Because of its durability and bacteria-fighting capabilities, it can also make a great option for your kitchen countertops.

Soapstone is available in gray tones that vary from light to dark and typically include some veining. Unlike other natural stone materials, soapstone does not require sealing. However, regularly applying mineral oil will help disguise scratches and add shine. It is important to note that the surface will darken over time with these mineral oil applications.


If you are wanting a traditional-style kitchen, travertine offers the perfect Old-World look. This natural material comes in a creamy color that brings an element of warmth to your kitchen. Because this material is natural stone, the surface is porous. Travertine also sports natural grooves and pits. It is important to seal the surface of travertine countertops so food and liquids do not get trapped and grow bacteria.

Whether you are looking for the most durable countertop material, a low-maintenance countertop option or a combination of style and practicality, you have many options when deciding how to design your kitchen. Our homes feature high-end finishes that come standard, including granite countertops in many designs. View available homes near you to find the perfect, new-build home for you and your family.

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Popular Materials for Kitchen Countertops

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