Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Sometime around the middle of summer, the novelty of being out of school starts to wear off. The pool loses its luster. The park gets to be too hot. Even video games lose their appeal. The boredom can become even more pronounced on days when the rain keeps everyone cooped up inside. But you don’t have to succumb to them watching endless hours of TV or staring at apps all day. We have some suggestions for rainy day activities for kids that can turn your boring day into a unique day of fun.

Get artsy

Arts and crafts are something that both younger and older kids can enjoy. Creating something new to hang on the walls or put in the house not only keeps kids focused, it also offers a sense of accomplishment once you have the final result. Here are a few ideas you can plan for your next day indoors:

  • Clay pots
    Making clay pots is the perfect rainy day activity for kids. There are several steps involved, which will keep your kids engaged throughout the process. Use a rolling pin to roll out a ball of polymer clay and then shape it into your desired shape. A quick set in the oven is all it needs before it’s ready to paint. Then give your child the artistic freedom to create a work of art. They’ll have fun doing it, and you’ll have a keepsake that you can treasure for years to come.
  • Rock crayons
    This activity lets your kids destroy and put something back together, giving them a nice outlet to release extra energy. Rock crayons are made from pieces of broken crayon, molded into a multi-colored rock that gives them a uniquely artistic way to color their next work of art.
  • Homemade play dough
    Make your own play dough in all colors of the rainbow, and you’ll set yourself up for a whole day’s worth of entertainment and beyond. Assembled from basic pantry ingredients, homemade play dough takes just 10 minutes to make.

Awaken their inner scientist

When the grass is too soggy to play outside, take advantage of the extra time indoors to do all the fun science-based activities you’ve always wanted to try. None of these ideas are too complicated, and they’re safe for kids of all ages.

  • Slime
    Want a cool activity that is both fun and educational at the same time? Teach kids how substances work together by making slime at home. It just requires a few simple ingredients, takes a short time to make, and provides entertainment for hours to come.
  • Invisible ink
    Have your kids dreamed of sending secret messages? They can convince their friends they’re an agent with a secret mission by making their own invisible ink using the science of lemon juice, water, and heat. Teach them about oxidation while they have fun.
  • Lava lamp
    Teach your kids about density by making a “lava lamp” using oil, salt, and water. Watch how the oil and water separate while the salt drags particles of the oil up and down.

All fun and games

There’s nothing like a classic family game day to pass the time. But if your kids have grown tired of the usuals like Monopoly or Candyland, try one of these new games to play that will encourage creative thinking.

  • Play school or library
    Gather a collection of books together or use your bookshelves to create a “library” where your kids can check out books and read. This pretend play activity allows kids to play-act different roles and feel like a grownup doing it. Alternatively, you could have them pretend books are textbooks, give them a dry erase board or large sheet of paper, and let them take turns being the teacher.
  • Pretend grocery store
    Gather some boxes and cans from your pantry along with some grocery bags and let the kids create their own pretend grocery store. You can use a computer or tablet as the cash register.
  • Make a paper security maze
    Use crepe paper or toilet paper to make a security maze for your kids to navigate. Just like with the laser courses, the goal is to avoid bumping into the lines. You can use paint-safe masking tape to secure it to the walls.
  • Indoor toss
    Can’t go outside to play basketball? No problem! Grab some laundry baskets and some balls (or make your own out of socks, wads of paper, or toys) and get your kids involved in a competitive toss game.

Being stuck indoors doesn’t have to mean having a boring day. Even if it’s hot and sunny outside, it’s nice to do new things and create new methods of entertainment in the house. It all else fails, you can always pop some popcorn and have a family movie day.

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Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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