Staying Cool Outside When The Weather Gets Hot

Staying Cool Outside When The Weather Gets Hot

August is notorious for being one of the hottest months of the year. Despite the high temperatures, many individuals will want to show off their beautiful yard and entertain guests in a fun and vibrant outdoor setting. At Perry Homes, we will give you tips to keep your guests happy and cool no matter what the temperature is outside. Enjoy these tips to make the most of the rest of your summer.

Make Way For Plenty of Shade

The simplest way to keep your guests cool is to keep them out of direct sunlight. This can be achieved in a multitude of ways. Take a look around your yard or patio and take note of all the opportunities for shaded areas. If you have a large tree that is providing ample shade already, position the social space directly under the leaves in order to offer the most comfort possible. If your yard lacks any natural shade, there are fashionable and creative ways to artificially provide the same cooling effect. Most patio tables have a spot available to add an umbrella overhead, and a space can easily be created even if they do not. If your home already has a patio, it is usually not difficult to attach a fashionable tarp or tapestry overhead to give some relief from direct sunlight. For those who want to provide serious shade, it may be worth considering to build or buy a gazebo or similar structure for guests to find respite under.

Fans and Misting Systems

Even when you provide ample shade from direct sunlight, the temperature outside may still be uncomfortable for guests to socialize in. A simple solution would be to purchase outdoor fans. Small fans strategically placed on tables and in the middle of social areas can make a huge difference in comfort while not having a bothersome amount of background noise. For those who have the time and resources, installing a system that intermittently releases a light mist can make even the hottest days bearable. Most of these systems are not difficult to install and provide a fantastic way to regulate body temperature.

Bring Out The Refreshments

The most common cause of heat-related conditions is lack of hydration. If you are planning on having an outdoor party during a hot day or night, be sure to have plenty of water available to your guests. If you wish to make the water taste more refreshing, consider adding lemons or cucumbers. Along with water, consider bringing out a cooler or a mini fridge filled with other refreshing beverages such as sweet tea, lemonade, or sports drinks to keep everyone hydrated and cool.

At Perry Homes, our goal is to help you enjoy your beautiful yard no matter the weather. Take a look at our beautiful homes and check out our blog for other ideas on how to reap all the wonderful benefits of homeownership.

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Staying Cool Outside When The Weather Gets Hot

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