How to Style A Coffee Table

How to Style a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a timeless and stylish addition to living rooms of any nature. While they serve several functions, coffee tables are also an excellent way to showcase your decorative skills. At Perry Homes, we have compiled some tips on how to style a coffee table in a way that will impress family and friends alike.


Books are a fantastic addition to your coffee table decor. Choose a book or several books that are regular conversation starters and get to work placing them on your table. Depending on the amount of space you have to work with and the assortment of other items you wish to display, there are several different options for arranging coffee table books. The first option is to simply place a book or a stack of books on the table. Depending on how much height you want your books to achieve, you can easily add or remove books until you find the optimal look. If you do not wish to have a stack, you can also leave a book open on your coffee table. Try to only entertain this option if your coffee table allows a lot of space, as you do not want the surface area to become cluttered.


In addition to pleasing your senses, a candle is a decorative object that adds warmth to your coffee table. To get started, choose a candle that matches the current time of the year. During these fall months, pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon will get your guests in the spirit of the season. Keep in mind that you should only have candles of one scent, as lighting two candles of different scents can be overwhelming.

Choosing the right candle can be difficult when first learning how to style a coffee table. Your choice of taper candles, container candles or tea light candles depends on a number of factors. What scents do you enjoy and in what styles are they available? What other decor do you have on your table? Which type of candle would match the overall look? Keep these in mind as you begin your search for the perfect candle.


Add a little bit of life to your living room decor by adding plants to your coffee table. There are several different options when choosing which plant to display. First, what will create balance for your coffee table? If you have opted for a larger candle or an open book, a simple flower or small plant may be a better option. If you have decided on smaller candles or only one book, you may choose to make a larger plant or bouquet your focal point. Second, think about how much work you want to put into the care of your plant. If you prefer low-maintenance options, a delicate, freshly cut flower may not be the best choice for you. Succulents are fantastic selections that add a touch of life to your coffee table without much effort. Third, if there is a plant or flower that you adore, be sure to add that to the top of your list. Your own personal style trumps every other reason for choosing a certain type of plant.

Place Your Electronics in a Dish

While this idea may seem a little odd at first, this is one of the easiest ways for you to prevent clutter when styling your coffee table. If you have a dish set out specifically for the purpose of harboring your remotes, video game controllers and other electronics, this will make the space look neater while having the bonus effect of never losing track of these items again. To find the perfect dish, take note of how many different electronics you have and their relative size. Find a dish that will allow you to neatly place each device within it without stacking them ,if possible. You will also want to choose a dish that fits in with the chosen items on your table and with the decor of the room as a whole.

At Perry Homes, we want to help you create a living space you will adore for years to come. Follow our blog for more design tips on how to make your home beautiful and be sure to check out our new homes for sale.

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How to Style A Coffee Table

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