Summer 2019 Design Tips

Summer 2019 Design Tips

Switching up your home decor for summer can add a fresh spin on the overall aesthetics of your space. There are many ways to incorporate seasonal items to bring a sense of relaxation and vacation into your home. Here are 4 tasteful summer themes you can easily adapt to any interior design style without breaking the budget.

Palm paradise

For those who would like to venture away from a traditional beach theme, showcasing palm prints might be more your taste. Think bright whites met by rich greens and teals to evoke a sense of calm while still giving off a summery feel. To create this look, you might want to start with white furniture slipcovers to create a clean foundation for the rest of your room. Add in a white patterned rug underneath furniture for some additional texture. Next, you can add in palm accents in the form of wall art, throw pillows or even hanging curtains to embrace a serene atmosphere. Visit your local craft store to purchase indoor faux palms and place them in different areas of your home. The upkeep for your new plants will be minimal and you can still feel as though you are on an island getaway.  

Summer in the countryside

If oceans and islands are not your ideal decor, consider rustic inspirations that include a warmer toned color palette with a countryside theme. Think along the lines of marigold, yellow, brown, beige and soft green or sage. Again, furniture slipcovers work wonders when it comes to switching up home looks without having to purchase brand new furniture for each season. If you happen to be feeling bold, go right for a yellow cover to liven up your place in a snap. Opt for brown or beige if you like to keep things more on the neutral side. Find small unfinished wood accessories like end tables or picture frames to get a touch of rustic without going over-the-top. Finally, you can set the stage with centerpieces in the form of a glass bowl piled high with lemons, or fill a vase with fresh cut sunflowers from your local market.

Clean linen

Choosing a clean linen look does not mean you need to stick to white as a color palette. Luxurious linen looks can feel comfortable in a number of other shades like blue, gray, cream and mint. Create an airy linen look by storing heavy comforters and blankets and selecting light linens instead. You will want to keep this particular theme modern by decluttering table tops with knick-knacks and other decor. Try to stick to simple frames for family photos and modern wall art. Marble or industrial accents in the form of floor lamps, mirrors and other light fixtures would look great with this simple theme.

Subtle seaside

Instead of going for brighter coastal colors like coral, red and turquoise, try toning it down with the use of a deep color palette spanning over darker hues like charcoal and navy. Instead of a theme that feels like a sunny day out in Cape Cod, this color palette is reminiscent of taking a stroll on the sand in the mist. Relaxing and rich, you can easily infuse more beach-friendly decorations like small bowls of seashells and thick woven throws. Include additional storage in the form of wicker baskets to hold loose items like pillows and blankets. Keep the lighting in your seaside room cool with daytime bulbs and find functional decor. For example, white coral bookends serve a purpose and add some seaside charm.

For your dream home, Perry Homes offers a number of gorgeous homes with plenty of room to include your favorite works of art and decor. Check back at our blog page often for more tips on how to decorate your home throughout the year.

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Summer 2019 Design Tips

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