Summer Flowers That Will Brighten Your Garden

Summer Flowers That Will Brighten Your Garden

There is no reason you have to wait for cooler climates to grow a beautiful garden. Luckily, there are some stunning summer flowers you can plant that will thrive in the Texas sun.

Explore our list of flowers that bloom all summer to help keep your garden looking vibrant all season long.


Hibiscus are hearty flowers that are big, bold and beautiful. These summer flowers can withstand high heat and low temperatures, making them the perfect addition to your Texas garden.

There are two varieties of hibiscus, hardy and tropical, each with different care requirements. Both types generally do well in shade or full sunlight and moist soil. Most homeowners enjoy hibiscus flowers because they attract hummingbirds and other wildlife due to their striking colors. Additionally, Texas even has its own hibiscus variety, Hibiscus coccineus, better known as the Texas star hibiscus.

Texas Lantana

Texas lantana is an excellent addition to a front yard garden if you want to impress your neighbors with a stunning display of bright colors. These summer plants are ideally suited for the warm Texas season – in fact, they prefer them. Texas lantana blooms even more brilliant as the temperatures rise. Once these flowers bloom, they require very little water. When they do get thirsty, they will let you know. The leaves of the Texas lantana will begin to droop when dehydrated.


Verbena is another popular summer flower to grow, especially the Superbena Purple variety, which blooms into a stunning royal purple color. Verbena is extremely heat and drought tolerant, making them an exceptional choice for summer gardening. Keep in mind that you will need to give these plants a bit of room to grow, as they can spread nearly 4 feet wide. These flowers grow quickly, so they are fantastic for last-minute gardens.


Zinnias have been popular in the United States since the early 18th century. These flowers come in various colors and styles and share a resistance to high heat. It is best to plant these flowers in late spring or early summer after the soil has time to warm up. Place them in areas with direct sunlight for the best results. You will also want to fertilize zinnias regularly so they can shine throughout the season.

Mexican Bush Sage

If you are looking for a flower that blooms in the late summer, Salvia leucantha, or Mexican Bush Sage, might be the perfect fit. These plants bloom into a velvety, bright purple, which attracts butterflies and hummingbirds but are ignored by rabbits and deer. As a late summer plant, these flowers will stay colorful until the first frost, when most flowers retreat for the year. Mexican Bush Sage does require a bit of watering but is still highly drought-resistant, making them an excellent choice for the Texas heat.

Knowing the types of summer flowers to plant can help you create a vibrant garden that will last during the warmer months. Looking for some inspiration on how to start a garden? Explore Perry Homes’ gallery of homes for some ideas that will inspire your green thumb.

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Summer Flowers That Will Brighten Your Garden

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