Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

As the days heat up and our AC temps creep lower, it’s time to think about getting our homes ready for the hottest part of the summer. To make sure you stay cool and comfortable throughout the whole season, there are a few things you can do now that will save you money and hassle later on.

Check your AC and filters

In Texas, there’s no escaping the heat of June, July, and August. Lucky for us, air conditioning is standard in most homes. However, the rising temps of summer mean that your unit will have to work harder than it has all year. Get it ready for the blistering sun by first inspecting the unit itself for any damaged pipe insulation, which can can be caused by sun rot. Take this time to remove any debris that has gathered around the condenser coils, the part of the unit that takes the warm air from inside your house and transmits it outside.

Inside your house, replace all air filters to get maximum air flow and ensure your unit doesn’t have to work too hard. Take the time to also clear out any dust that’s collected on the supply and return vents. Don’t forget about your ceiling fans, which can really help circulate the cool air. Use an extendable duster to clean the blades and make sure it’s running in a counter-clockwise direction so air can flow down to you.

someone cleaning the grate of a grill with a brush

Clean your grill or smoker

Summer barbecues are the perfect way to spend a summer weekend, so make sure your grill is up to the task with a thorough cleaning. A cleaner grill isn’t just for neat freaks—a cleaner grill makes for better airflow, producing better-tasting and more properly-cooked food. It’s important to use the right tools to clean your grill so you don’t scratch any of the components. The cleaning method will vary slightly depending on whether you have a gas or charcoal grill. Once you finish, your grill will be ready to cook delicious food all summer long.

Take advantage of the sun

Over the summer, you’ll likely be using a lot more towels at the pool, whether it’s in your backyard or in the neighborhood. Instead of taxing your dryer with all those extra loads, consider getting an outdoor drying rack for towels, blankets, dresses, and more. Your clothes will dry quickly in the heat, and you’ll love wrapping yourself up in the fresh scent of summer.

Clean your windows

Summer is the season when the sun shines most, bringing natural light into your home—and illuminating all those handprints and dirt left behind on windows. Exterior windows, especially, can be hard to keep sparkling and need thorough cleaning a few times a year. First, spray the windows with a hose to remove excess dirt and debris. Then wipe or mop windows with a solution of hot water and liquid dish soap. After rinsing, use a commercial cleaner or a solution of water and vinegar to get the windows sparkling and streak-free. Use a squeegee for smooth results. Don’t forget about the screens. You can clean those with vinegar and water.

Taking time to tend to a few home maintenance items before you begin your summer will help you have a more relaxing, enjoyable season. If you’ll be spending time this summer searching for a new home, be sure to check out the homes we have available for immediate move in at Perry Homes.

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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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