How to Throw a Football Party in Texas

How to Throw a Football Party in Texas

The end of the year brings many exciting events: the flurry of holidays, the dawning of a fresh, new year and the beginning of playoff pro football and college football bowl games. Though fans have been watching football games for a few months now, playoff season invites a different sort of celebration. It is a time of rivalry, camaraderie and fun, and it requires more than simply a bag of chips and a jar of salsa on the table. Playoff football parties require more planning and a bit of finesse. We are here to outline the basics for turning a mediocre viewing party into a gathering no one will forget.

Plan your space

The size of your party will largely be determined by how much space your home has. Still, there are ways to get creative even if your living room is smaller. Since most of the party will be focused on watching TV, you will need to ensure that each spot has an optimal viewing angle. A large, flat screen television with little glare will go a long way to please your guests. If your TV is smaller, or if the layout of your room makes the screen hard to see from some angles, try adding a couple extra screens to make sure everyone has a good seat.

Speaking of seats, comfort is key. Football games run three hours on average; even longer for post-season games. Though your guests will be up and down, mingling with others, they will be seated for much of the party, so you do not want them to get uncomfortable. Arrange your couch and chairs so that no one is blocking anyone else. Bring in soft computer chairs or dining room chairs for additional seating. If you are expecting a crowd and need to rent chairs, try them out yourself to make sure your guests will like them. Squeeze in younger guests on throw pillows laid out on the floor.

Sound is paramount during any sporting event. You need to hear the calls the referees make, and it is fun to listen to the roar of the crowd in the stadium. These days, most TV speakers are pretty decent when it comes to projecting good sound, but a party full of loud people can quickly change that. Sound bars can be relatively inexpensive, depending on what brand you choose, but they are well worth the investment beyond just for football games.

Munchies and entertainment

The star of almost any event is the food, of course, and this is especially true for football parties. Football party food is almost sacred in its standards, but there are many ways you can make the menu uniquely your own. For your party, you will need to decide if you are providing all the food or if you are asking guests to bring anything. To make it easier on you, you can ask guests to bring their favorite appetizer or side dish and you can provide the drinks and main course. Or you can cook all the food and ask guests to BYOB.

glazed barbecue ribs on slatted wood table with red tomatoes and grilled red pepper

In Texas, meat steals the show; in particular, wings, ribs, brisket and the classic crowd pleaser, hamburgers and hot dogs. Go beyond the typical buffalo wings with these sweet and spicy sticky wings, a surefire way to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. Ribs are a commitment, requiring careful planning to make sure they are done on time and to the appropriate tenderness. Try this recipe for party ribs to make sure you have enough of the mouth-watering deliciousness for everyone to enjoy.

Appetizers and dips are a staple at football parties, probably because they make it easy to munch throughout the game. The best dips result in guests camped out around the dish and clamoring for the recipe. This cheesy vidalia onion dip is one that will ignite the chatter at  party and have guests begging you to make it again.

Finally, though the game will be the highlight of the party, you can add a bit more fun by getting a game of football squares going. Football squares are engaging, simple and give everyone the chance to win.

Now that you have all the key stats for what makes a great football gathering, make your play for a playoff party no one will forget!

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How to Throw a Football Party in Texas

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