Tips to Get You to Moving Day

Tips to Get You to Moving Day

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting moments in your life. However, the same cannot be said for the moving process itself. Taking all of your belongings from one abode to another can be a challenging endeavor to perform and there is a lot of organization and planning that goes into it. Follow the tips below to make the days and weeks before your next move as easy as possible.

Get Rid of Clutter Before You Move

Before you start packing up all of your belongings in your current residence , it is important that you perform a massive sweep of your home and clean out what you do not need. Do not be stingy about what you get rid of, as the more items that are not in your home means less items that you have to pack up, put in a moving truck and haul into your new place.

Start your decluttering process by going through your old paperwork and either toss out or shred anything that you no longer need, including expired coupons or bill statements that are not relevant anymore. Next, look through old closets and drawers and rid yourself of any items that you do not wear regularly. Remember that every item that you end up keeping will have to find a place in both your moving truck and in your new home.

Be Smart With Your Food Choices

There are many activities that will occupy your time when you are preparing for a move so you do not want to have to worry about packing food as well. The weeks leading up to your big move, plan ahead with meal preparation. Do not plan to buy any groceries from the store unless you are sure they will be used before your big move.

Take a look in your refrigerator and your pantry to see what you have that can be prepared. If you are struggling, websites such as Supercook and MyFridgeFood automatically cultivate recipes that can be created based on what you already have sitting in your pantry.

Stay Organized

Some individuals try and pack everything according to space They will pack large items first before cramming random, smaller items into a box in order to cut down on as much space as possible. While this may help you save space, it will become a nightmare when you start unpacking in your new home.

In order to stay organized, you should keep all the objects of one room in one consolidated box or space. Label each box with the name of the room and then proceed to fit as many items from that room into the box as possible. Even if there are items leftover and you do not want to use an additional box, it is in your best interest to keep everything together. In order to help with this, have a good supply of many different sizes of boxes. The more variety in sizes of boxes, the easier it is to pack everything as efficiently as possible.

At Perry Homes, we want to help your move into one of our beautiful homes be as easy as possible. Keep checking our blog for more tips on moving and living as happily as you can.

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Tips to Get You to Moving Day

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