The Ultimate Guide to Home Exterior Design

The Ultimate Guide to Home Exterior Design

At Perry Homes, we hold our home exterior designs to the highest standard to ensure your space is stunning from the inside out. With dozens of exterior styles for you to choose from, we make it easy to take your curb appeal to the next level.

This guide to our high-quality building materials, windows, doors and more will help you find an exterior architectural style that perfectly encapsulates your personality.

Home Exterior Materials


Whether used as an accent or as the primary exterior foundation, stone is a go-to option for many homebuyers. This material can protect against extreme weather, cut down energy costs with effective insulation and create an effective sound barrier. Stone is also visually diverse — it perfectly complements a wide range of styles, from French and Hill Country to Mediterranean and Modern.


Perry Homes uses brick veneer to add beautiful detailing to your home without interfering with its durable foundation. Brick veneer is a non-structural type of masonry construction in which the brick is simply an exterior covering. It has the appearance of a solid brick wall without the weight or expense, as the brick is attached to the house with metal straps or wall ties.


Stucco home exterior designs deliver beauty, quality and long-lasting durability to nearly every home style. This material is also versatile, customizable, budget friendly and low maintenance. Use stucco as your base exterior, then build out your accents from there with touches of brick, stone, siding and more.

Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding gives your home a rustic, farmhouse feel while still looking fresh and modern. This siding technique uses narrow strips of wood placed over the joints of wide boards to create a subtle, vertical or horizontal striped effect. Although it is made out of wood, this material is still extremely resilient against the Texas elements.

Exterior Design Elements


Perry Homes’ windows are built to withstand any weather and keep your home climatecontrolled year-round. We use tinted, double-pane, Low-E sunglass windowpanes that block out the sun while still providing ample natural light. Many of our models feature large, panoramic windows that wrap around your home to provide beautiful scenery from every room.


The layout, color and material of your doors will largely depend on your home’s layout and your personal preferences. Some homes will have front-facing garage doors, while others are tucked away to the side. Many owners opt for a bold, regal front door, while others choose a tone that blends in with the home’s color. Whether you prefer contemporary and modern or rustic and traditional, our design team will ensure that your doors perfectly complement the overall style of your home.

Final Touches

Once the siding, windows and doors are installed, it is time to complete the look with detailed home exterior design elements that make your home pop. This could include light fixtures, gables, shutters, awnings, columns and more — all tailored to your unique style. Now, all that is left to do is stand back and admire your beautiful new construction home.

Want to see more home exterior design ideas? Explore our gallery of home exteriors for inspiration from our experts. Then, browse our available properties in some of Texas’ most desirable neighborhoods to find your dream home today.

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The Ultimate Guide to Home Exterior Design

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