Explore 6 Ideas for Valentine’s Day at Home

Explore 6 Ideas for Valentine’s Day at Home

Even if you and your partner stay in this Valentine’s Day, you can still make it a day to remember. We have compiled a list of six ideas for Valentine’s Day at home to help you turn everyday activities into a romantic party for two without leaving home.

Dinner Date

A five-star restaurant experience awaits you in your beautiful Perry Homes kitchen. You and your partner can cook each other’s favorite meals, or you can work together to create one culinary masterpiece. If you are hesitant to cook, set up a fondue station, build a taco bar or splurge on a takeout meal instead. Want to take the night to the next level? Dress up in a nice outfit and light a few candles to add to the ambiance.

Game Time

There is no better Valentine’s Day idea for couples who love to compete than a game night. After dinner, break out your favorite board games and let the fun begin! While you may think games are reserved for bigger parties, there are plenty of two-person options. Guess Who, Trouble, Scattergories, Sorry! and Monopoly can easily be played with two people. If you prefer card games, War, Rummy and Slapjack are just a few of the many great choices you can try.

Spa Day

Take some time to pamper each other with a luxurious, at-home spa treatment. From bubble baths and foot spas to face masks and massage oils, men and women alike can benefit from some extra selfcare. Be sure to put on your fluffiest robe, turn on an essential oil diffuser and play relaxing music for a truly spa-like experience.

Arts and Crafts

Unleash your creative side with artsy homemade projects. You can find hundreds of Valentine’s Day craft ideas online, but here are a few to help you get the ball rolling:

  • Buy canvases, paint and brushes, then follow along with a YouTube painting tutorial.
  • Decorate Valentine’s cards for each other using art materials found at home.
  • Try your hand at knitting or crocheting; yarn and needles are surprisingly inexpensive.
  • Make a colorful bouquet of flowers with tissue paper.
  • Sketch funny self-portraits of each other and wait until you both are finished for the big reveal.

Living Room Dance Floor

Clear the furniture, dim the lights, pour a glass of your favorite drink and put on your favorite tunes. Your living room has just transformed into the ultimate dance floor! This is the perfect Valentine’s Day idea for couples who are both young and young-at-heart. You can even make a personalized playlist filled with songs that bring back your best memories to surprise your partner. Do not be afraid to let loose and dance like no one is watching because the only person who will be is the one you love!

Movie Night

Cuddle up with your best blankets for an at-home movie night. Be sure to stock up on popcorn, candy and other snacks, then hit play on a classic rom-com or watch a compilation of Valentine’s Day episodes from your favorite show. While movie theater dates can be costly, all you need to enjoy this relaxing quality time at home is a romantic film and a comfortable couch.

These Valentine’s Day at-home ideas are made even better when you spend your date night in a cozy space you love. Explore Perry Homes’ move-in ready properties in some of Texas’ most desirable neighborhoods and find your dream home today!

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Explore 6 Ideas for Valentine’s Day at Home

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