Walk Through the 6 Stages of Our Home Building Process

Explore Perry Homes’ Step-By-Step Home Building Process

At Perry Homes, you can trust our team to handcraft the home of your dreams with our seamless, six-stage home building process. We carefully plan each of the steps to building a home to ensure your new property suits your lifestyle, from the foundation to the final touches.

Once you select your floorplan and begin the financing process, it is time to construct your home! With detailed preparation, exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite design, your new home will be both stylish and functional for the years to come. Explore our six stages of the home building process below.

Stage 1

Homesite Preparation

Before we begin building, our team must first reach several legal and logistical milestones. This involves:

  • Securing proper permits and approvals from the local building authority.
  • Determining your home’s position and orientation based on technical requirements.
  • Clearing the land of obstructions.


After that, we lay the base for a strong foundation. The foundation covers everything from plumbing and electrical to concrete and cables. We hire licensed professional engineers to design your home’s foundation before a technical representative inspects it for even further quality assurance.& nbsp;We are so confident in the stability of our homes’ foundations that we back them with 10-year structural warranties.

Stage 2


The next step to building a home is framing. During this one- to two-week process, our builders install wood beams, rafters, floor studs and more to create a skeletal structure. This is also where the base for exterior walls, interior walls and the roof come to life.

Stage 3

Exterior Trim & Roof

Now, it is time to install the siding. At Perry Homes, we use a tough, cement-like material called Cemplank that is impervious to rotting, warping and termites. This sturdy siding also happens to carry a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

Mechanical Rough & Insulation

No home building process is complete without proper insulation and mechanics. Although you may not be able to see it, there is a lot of important work going on between your walls. At this step, our builders install wiring and cables, like phone and plumbing lines, and set up HVAC ducts throughout your home. Then, Polycel insulation is added to exterior corners, doors, windows and walls and inspected thoroughly.

Stage 4


During the fourth stage, the house finally begins to look like a home. This is when we install the drywall, or sheetrock, and add texture to the walls.

Interior Trim

Next up, carpentry details transform empty spaces into functional rooms. Our team installs essential home features, like:

  • Bath and kitchen cabinets
  • Moldings and baseboards
  • Interior doors
  • Stair trim


Perry Homes’ premium paint is designed to withstand Texas humidity as it adds color and personality to your home. In this stage, we begin interior painting, caulking and staining. Then, builders apply high-grade enamel to the trim and paint the exterior.

Mechanical Trim

Now it is time to add mechanical details, like plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, HVAC compressors and thermostats, for maximum efficiency. Alarm keypads, control panels and other smart home features included in your home as part of our Smart Comes Standard promise is also installed in this stage.

Stage 5


In the fifth stage, finishing touches like flooring bring your home to life. Choose from a variety of modern materials designed for every lifestyle, including:

  • Engineered wood
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP/LVT)
  • Tile (Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone)
  • Carpet


Mouldings are the decorative trim pieces that surround doors and windows and run along the bottom and tops of walls. These details generally serve as a transition between building elements and finish out the interior home building process.


During this stage, our team installs sidewalks, driveways, patios and fencing to give your finished home exceptional curb appeal.

Stage 6

New Home Demo

Welcome home! Now, it is time to walk you through your floorplan and gather any last-minute feedback. Although you will be heavily involved with your home building process from start to finish, this serves as a “big reveal” for you to take it all in before you make the move.

Now that you know the steps to building a home, it is time to build the home of your dreams with Perry Homes! Explore available lots in some of Texas’ most desirable neighborhoods today.

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Walk Through the 6 Stages of Our Home Building Process

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