What Is a Smart Home? Explore Features, Benefits & More

What Is a Smart Home? Explore Features, Benefits & More

Smart Comes Standard at Perry Homes, which means your new home will be well-equipped with modern technology that simplifies your life. But what is a smart home, exactly, and how will it benefit you?

From energy efficiency and convenience to greater security and control, read on to discover the many perks of incorporating smart home features throughout your space.

What Is a Smart Home?

The term smart home refers to an automated and interconnected system of devices, appliances and sensors that can be monitored and controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Smart home gadgets are connected to Wi-Fi, allowing you to change security settings, temperature, lighting and more with the touch of a button.

Which Smart Home Features Are Included in Your Perry Home?

All these devices and more are included in Perry Homes’ Smart Comes Standard promise. From the moment you move in, you will enjoy saving money, energy and time with the help of innovative technology like:

  • Nest® Thermostat E
  • Nest® Hello Video Doorbell
  • Genie® Model 3120 Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener
  • Leviton® Wi-Fi Light Switch
  • Kwikset® SmartCode 888 Door Lock

Benefits of a Smart Home

Now that you know what a smart home is, explore the many reasons why a streamlined setup like this is a necessity for your next move.

Energy Efficiency

When you have a home that is integrated with smart devices, maximizing your energy efficiency is easy. For example, you can program your thermostat to lower the temperature when your home is empty, then turn it up just before you return. You can also set your light switches to turn off automatically whenever you leave a room. Small changes like this are great for both your wallet and the planet. Smart homes make it simple to save money on utilities while helping the environment.

Convenience and Control

Imagine having 24/7 access to all your favorite gadgets through a single, cohesive network. Smart homes give you the power to keep all the technology in your home connected through one interface, all at your fingertips. Whether you are controlling your thermostat from across the country or switching off the lights from the comfort of your couch, you can enjoy your home, your way with none of the manual work. Smart homes are a functional, simple and practical way to use new technology to our advantage in a way that makes our lives easier.

Reliable Security

Wondering what else a smart home is used for? Aside from convenience and efficiency, it can also keep you and your family safe with maximized home security. Set your Genie® garage door to close at a certain time each night. Monitor your front door with a Nest® video doorbell. Choose a private code for your Kwikset® keypad for added security. The best part is you do not have to be home to control these settings. So, take a sigh of relief — smart home features like these ensure that you, your family and your belongings are always protected.

Adaptability for the Future

One of the most exciting aspects of smart home technology is that it is always evolving. Today’s most forward-thinking devices will eventually be replaced with even more innovative, life-changing solutions to our everyday problems. At Perry Homes, we always seek out the most modern smart home features available, then find new ways to incorporate them into each of our homes.

When you buy or build with Perry Homes, you get all the smart home features with none of the hassle. In fact, everything will be set up for you as soon as you move in — all you have to do is connect! Ready to find your dream home? Explore Perry Homes’ available properties in some of Texas’ most desirable neighborhoods today.

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What Is a Smart Home? Explore Features, Benefits & More

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