Why Houston Should Be Your Next Landing Spot

Why Houston Should Be Your Next Landing Spot

There are many reasons why life in Houston is heating up. And no, it is not just because of the summer temperatures. Since its founding in 1837, Houston has grown to the fourth largest city in the U.S., just behind perennial contenders like New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. The unprecedented surge is in large part due to vast industry growth in energy and fossil fuels, medicine and high-technology like aerospace development at NASA. Even more, Houston is a vibrant and diverse arts epicenter, thanks to local museums, universities and strong patronage.

With that in mind, let us see why buying new homes for sale in Houston is a great move.


One of the Bayou City’s greatest attributes is its diverse population. What began as a predominantly homogeneous area has grown into a region rich with multicultural backgrounds, including Latino and Hispanic, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern and European. Looking at numbers from a 2010 census and earlier, it is easy to trace the city’s growth through the decades.

As a result, on any given day residents can hear or speak multiple languages throughout the city’s many neighborhoods. This ethnic influence permeates much of Houston’s art, history, music, food and more. Living in a multicultural hotspot leads to many educational opportunities, especially for children, who might otherwise miss out in other parts of the country.


Low cost of living

Are there no sweeter words? Compared to the rest of the country, housing costs in Houston are 22 percent lower, with median salaries starting upwards of $50,000, depending on experience and industry. And while “the average rent declined for both single-family homes… and townhomes/condominiums,” more buyers are opting to purchase because of the added value and advantages to owning rather than renting. Learn more about the advantages of owning a home.

In fact, in terms of the housing market, Houston is in the middle of a boom. “Houstonians purchased more homes in this region [in 2016]  than any year on record,” says the Houston Chronicle, “and at a median price never before reached in Houston.” Such added affordability leaves more room for entertainment, travel, other more fun expenses or just padding that savings account.

Access to quality higher education

Houston is home to many colleges and universities that feature many educational opportunities: University of Houston (and its many satellite campuses), Rice University, Texas Southern University, University of St. Thomas, and several community colleges like Lone Star College and Houston Community College (HCC). Collectively, these institutions are boosting quality of life through philanthropic contributions as well as being large employers in the region.


Fantastic food and entertainment

There are many reasons why Houston hosted Super Bowl LI in 2016. But several underrated ones are the food and entertainment options. What some are calling a new culinary mecca, Houston boasts a food scene as diverse as its demographic. Sure, there is great Texan fare like burgers, barbeque and Tex-Mex, but you do not have to look far for great Asian and other international cuisine, whether it is served out of a truck or a 5-star restaurant. This great metropolitan melting pot also yields creative fusions like Viet-Cajun and Korean-Mexican (think Vietnamese-style crawfish or Bulgogi quesadillas). And you will not have to look far for local breweries and unique, locals-only bars.

While talking about entertainment options could be an entire separate post, Houston is home to many competitive sports teams like the Astros (baseball), Dynamo (soccer), Texans (football) and Rockets (basketball). Elsewhere, many music venues attract some of the best musicians around.

Easy access to transportation and commuting

While those familiar with Houston will say local traffic is less than desirable, it is hard to argue with Houston’s access to major highways and expressways. So even if you settle in suburbs like Katy or Pearland, commuters are not far from the quickest route to work.

The same goes for travel outside the city. Travel routes like I-10, I-45 and I-59 will get you wherever you are heading. Thinking more long-distance travel? No worries, as both Hobby and George Bush International Airports provide domestic and international travel. Although, why travel when you already have everything at your doorstep?

Thinking about moving to H-Town or already a resident? Share this post and add your favorite part of Houston life!

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Why Houston Should Be Your Next Landing Spot

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