4 Tips to Get Your Children Involved in the Kitchen

4 Tips to Get Your Children Involved in the Kitchen

4 Fun and Easy Tips for Getting Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

You have completed the process of buying your first home, now it is time to fill it with some sweet (or savory) memories. Cooking with your children is not only a great way to spend some quality family time together, it can also help get your little ones excited about healthy food. They will be proud of the delicious dish they helped make and you will be happy they are eating their veggies. So, grab a step stool and break out the ingredients. It is time to get cooking.

  1. Plan Ahead

Choose a dish that calls for child-friendly activities. Whether your recipe requires mixing, rolling or measuring, make sure there are steps suited to all ages so everyone can get involved. Reserving the simpler tasks, like rinsing fruit, for the younger ones can help keep the process smooth and safe.

Cooking can take place in other settings besides the kitchen, too. Getting the children involved in planning the menu will teach them about healthy food options and show them how to grocery shop. A trip to the store to pick out fresh ingredients for dinner is both fun and a great opportunity for your young ones to take ownership of their meal.

Also, be sure to allocate more time for preparation than the recipe states when cooking with your children. Everything takes a little bit longer when little hands are involved, but that just means more quality time spent with the family. It is a great opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime.

  1. Create a Child-Friendly Workspace

Most counters are well above child height. Pulling up a stepping stool will make sure your pint-sized sous-chefs can work right alongside you. Have your young ones tie up any long hair before diving into the recipe and always remember to wash your hands before and after cooking as well as in between handling raw ingredients.

A child-friendly environment is a safe one. Cooking involves a lot of sharp tools and hot pans—taking precautions will help avoid any accidents that can ruin your fun family time. Designate counter space specifically for your younger participants. Setting up an area free of dangerous tools or unsafe raw ingredients will allow them to work independently without you needing to worry about their safety.

Only give children plastic or butter knives for chopping and try to stick to softer foods to prevent any accidental slips or injuries. Keeping pot handles faced inward toward the stove and placing hot pans on the back burners when possible will also reduce the risk of curious little ones getting hurt.

  1. Things Might Get a Little Messy

When children get involved in cooking, it is likely that you will find yourself in a bit of a mess. Do not be afraid to get flour all over your beautiful kitchen accent wall or accidentally spill milk on the floor—you can teach your children how to clean up when you are done.

Cooking with the whole family is always more fun when you are not worried about staining a favorite shirt or ruining new pants. Before you break out any ingredients, make sure everyone in the kitchen is wearing clothes that are fit for getting food all over.

Speaking of messy, the final product can be far from picture perfect. The best result you could ask for is lots of laughter, smiles and quality family time.

  1. Make It About More Than Just Cooking

Making a meal is a fun way for children to learn many things, from which foods are safe raw to using geometry, fractions and so much more. The kitchen can be a classroom they love.

Introducing your young family members to the kitchen is also a great way to start new family traditions. Pick a favorite recipe for a holiday or celebration to establish a tradition that will bring the family together and help create beautiful memories for years to come.

Buying your first home is exciting, but the memories you will make in it are even sweeter. Perry Homes’ quality commitment is here to ensure your new home is the perfect setting for all of life’s special moments.

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4 Tips to Get Your Children Involved in the Kitchen

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