Your Guide to Visiting the Round Top Antiques Fair

Your Guide to Visiting the Round Top Antiques Fair

Are you searching for fun, vintage items to showcase your unique style at home? From flea market finds to trendy interior décor, the Round Top Antiques Fair is the perfect place to help you pull your old-meets-new look together in a fresh way. Discover more about this Texas staple, including the modern, trendy ways you can use your new antiques to spruce up your home! 

What Is the Round Top Antiques Show?

Round Top is a small town located between Houston and Austin and is perhaps best-known for the antiques, vintage and truck show the town hosts three times each year—one in the spring, fall and winter. Permanent and pop-up venues are open in Round Top and its surrounding cities including Burton, Carmine, Kenney and more. Collectively, these venues are known as the Round Top Antiques Fair. 

For more than 50 years, the main event of the fair has been the Round Top Antique Show. The event takes place in the Big Red Barn Event Center, which includes the Big Red Barn, The Original Continental Tent and the Big Red Barn Annex. Visitors can shop Americana and European furniture, accessories and other unique items from all over the United States and Europe. Additionally, Round Top offers late night shopping events that include beer, wine and small bites for visitors to enjoy while they browse the grounds.

If this is your first time attending the Round Top Antiques Fair, here are a few tips you should know: 

  • The show runs all week long, but Mondays through Thursdays are typically lower traffic days if you are looking to avoid the crowds. 
  • Bring a small rolling cart or wagon to help you haul your finds. 
  • Dress in layers and bring plenty of sunscreen. Weather can be unpredictable, especially at the spring event. 
  • Hit the ATM before the event. Some vendors are more willing to make a bargain if you are paying with cash. 
  • Consider attending the last few days of the fair if you are looking to snag some great deals. 

This year’s Spring Antique Week begins March 30 and runs through April 4. The fall fair will take place September 28 through October 3 and Winter Antique Week is scheduled for the last week of January 2021—it’s important to note that winter fairs typically feature fewer vendors. 

Tips for Decorating With Your Antiques

Do you already have the perfect antique items in mind to add to your space? Or maybe you are just hoping to stumble upon that special vintage touch you were looking for while browsing the fair. Regardless, knowing how to incorporate your unique finds into a cohesive home design can add a rich feeling to any space. Get the most out of your Round Top Antiques Fair finds with these decorating tips: 

Carefully Curate

It is important to carefully choose a few pieces that will add to your space. Whether it is an antique book collection or a vintage dresser, more is not necessarily better—too many items can often make a room feel dated. Aim for pieces that enhance your space, not overwhelm it.

Group Like Objects Together

Whether you have accumulated a collection of antique mirrors or a mix of vintage teddy bears, grouping like objects together on a shelf, table or mantle can often make more of an impact than scattered pieces throughout a room. You can even vary the size and shape of objects to make the aesthetic more interesting. This technique also works well with holiday collectibles.

Mix Old with New

Incorporating antiques and collectibles into modern décor can help create an interesting aesthetic in any room. Architectural antiques or oversized signs are popular items to mix with modern decor, but this is your chance to let your style shine. Have fun searching for pieces to find the right fit for your space. Family heirlooms are another great addition to a modern display. 

Frame Your Collections

Postcards, hand fans or pieces of vintage sheet music can easily be framed for display—remember to ask for acid-free materials to preserve delicate paper goods. It is also important to display vintage paper items out of direct sunlight to avoid fading and discoloration.

Factor in Function

Understanding the scope of use for your piece before adding it to a room can help you create a stunning design while preserving the vintage element. Antiques are not typically sound for everyday use, so it is important to strategically place pieces where they will not sustain much wear and tear. For an antique feel without compromising function, many designers often recommend using distressed wooden furniture.

Incorporating unique finds from the Round Top Antique Fair into your décor offers a stylish way to liven up any room. Are you still on the hunt for some extra inspiration before you start designing your ideal space? Explore Perry Homes gallery to browse beautiful designs to help you craft your perfect aesthetic.

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Your Guide to Visiting the Round Top Antiques Fair

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