Your Ultimate Guide to Home Storage Ideas

Your Ultimate Guide to Home Storage Ideas

Are you ready to feel more organized in your newly-designed space? There are plenty of creative ways to store all your essentials. We came up with 12 home storage ideas to help you de-clutter every room in your home, maximize space and achieve your organizational goals.


DIY canned food organizer: The space between your wall and your fridge is most likely “dead space.” You can make the most of this unused space by creating a tall, narrow storage rack or cart to store canned goods, spices and oils so they are not taking up valuable cabinet space.

Magazine holders for storing vegetables: Magazine holders are very versatile when it comes to home storage solutions. Use them to store root vegetables in a cool, dry place like your cabinets. Do not forget to label each container so they are easy to find.

Pull-out drawers: If you cannot install pull-out drawers, clear storage bins are the perfect alternative. Need to grab a mixing bowl from the back of your cabinet? Simply slide the container out and retrieve it without having to remove additional items.


Hang a fruit basket: Just because hanging baskets are typically filled with fruits and hung in the kitchen, does not mean they cannot be used in the bathroom. This storage solution makes everything easy to reach and makes smaller items such as children’s bath toys appear organized.

DIY Bobby Pin Case: Items such as bobby pins and Q-tips are easy to store since they are so small, but it is tough to keep them organized while in storage. Use a Tic Tac container or empty prescription pill bottle to store small items together so that they are easy to find when you need them.


DIY cell phone charging station: Do you like to have your cell phone out of sight but not out of reach while it charges? Turn an old book into a secret charging station!

Buy a bed frame with drawers: Storage beds are one of the easiest home storage ideas for smaller space. They can give you almost as many drawers as a dresser, allowing you to store clothes, files or your favorite movie collection.

Jewelry corkboard: While you may not have used a corkboard since elementary school, you should if you are in need of jewelry storage. The simple, sustainable material will keep your necklaces from tangling—and it only takes up as much space as a picture frame.

Home Office

Velcro your hard drive to a shelf: Hard drives take up precious desk or shelf space regardless of how small they are. You can quickly store your hard drive out of sight beneath your desk or on the underside of a shelf with a little Velcro. This desk storage idea can also be used for anything you want out of sight and out of mind.

Store cords in a box: Storing chargers and other cables can be inconvenient, especially if you have to spend minutes trying to untangle a tangled mess. You can use a shoebox to create a cable corral so that they are easy to retrieve, put back and store out of sight.

Build bookshelves from old dresser drawers: Repurpose old dresser drawers into bookshelves if you are looking to add extra storage to your home office. You can arrange the drawers however you want for an instant, one-of-a-kind bookshelf.


These are not the only home organization ideas, though! You can enhance the aesthetics of your entryway with an upholstered storage bench. Not only can it store extra shoes, but it can also hide other items in plain view so that your entryway is free of clutter.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Home Storage Ideas

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