5 Home Interior Design Trends For 2021

5 Home Interior Design Trends For 2021

Spending more time around the house lately? A new year is the perfect time to transform your home into a cozy and on-trend space. Luckily, there is no shortage of up-and-coming interior design trends for 2021 to provide inspiration. Explore our guide to help you create a fresh space you will enjoy all year.

Flex Rooms

Unsure of how to best utilize an unused room in your house? Personalize this space and turn it into a home office, gym or classroom. Flex rooms are designed for multiple purposes and can be used to accommodate your evolving needs as a homeowner. Even if you do not have a lot of space, you can use room dividers, standing desks and strategic furniture placement to create a practical space to live, learn and work.

Indoor Plants

Bring nature into your home to keep spirits high while spending time indoors. Not only are plants bright, enchanting and reminiscent of the great outdoors, but they also come with an array of sciencebacked benefits. Plants have been proven to reduce stress, boost productivity and increase the air quality in your home, so you can breathe easier. Want to take your plant-keeping even further? Add an extra level of sustainability and save a trip to the store by planting an herb garden with basil, cilantro and more.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is another trend to be on the lookout for this year due to its adaptability and convenience. These energy-saving lightbulbs respond to either manual or automatic controls that adjust brightness or dimness on command based on the activity or time of day. You can even sync them to an app or a home assistant, allowing you to set your preferences from afar without a traditional wall switch. Whether you are fixing dinner or reading before bed, you can set your lighting needs to fit any occasion with the touch of a button.

Outdoor Living

Transform your yard into a fun, functional space by creating designated areas for seating, dining and games. Add a couch, rug, throw blankets and a few pillows around a small firepit. Elevate your grilling space by turning it into an outdoor kitchen with all the materials you need — even a simple bar cart can make a big difference. Scatter inexpensive yard games like cornhole, horseshoe and ladder toss across the lawn. And, if you bring some extra blankets out with you in the winter, you will likely be able to spend time with family and friends in your backyard paradise year-round. 

Colors, Patterns and Shapes

It is always fun to add some creative flair to your home to complement its aesthetic. Here are some of the biggest visual home design trends coming our way in the new year. 

  • Earth tones. Expect to see more rooms designed rooms with strictly browns, creams, tans and greens. Earth tones are clean, classy and comforting. They also lend themselves to a more natural and organic feel that communicates a sense of security and safety. 
  • Squiggles and wiggles. Shapes don’t have to be rigid! Many interior designers are leaning toward more organic, free-flowing shapes rather than sticking to circles and squares.
  • Black kitchens. Black has been proven to provide depth to any room and can be used to separate the dining and living spaces. It is a bit striking, bold and unconventional, but many experts claim that black kitchens are quickly phasing out white.
  • Patterns, prints and self-expression. Designers everywhere are encouraging people to unleash their imaginations and create a home that encapsulates of their personality. Whether that is with a fun stick-on wallpaper, a giant, funny photo of your pet, or a one-of-a-kind vintage lamp, you spend more time in your house than anyone else. Why not make it your own?

Whether you are looking to plan a major redesign or just add a few new updates here and there, you should truly love the space you live in. It is time to make it yours, have some fun and hope that by this time next year, you will not have to spend so much time inside!

A new year means new opportunities to update your space. These interior design trends for 2021 are all about breathing comfort and color into your home. Are you ready to get started? Explore Perry Homes’ gallery of beautiful designs to find your inspiration.

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5 Home Interior Design Trends For 2021

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