Personalize Your New Home With These Flex Room Ideas

Personalize Your New Home With These Flex Room Ideas

Does your new home have extra space that you are not quite sure what to do with? There is certainly no shortage of flex room ideas to help you design the perfect space for your needs. With a little work, this extra space may even become your favorite room in your house! Read on to learn more about what a flex room is and how you can make the most out of it.

What Is a Flex Room?

A flex room — sometimes called a bonus room or multipurpose room — is an area in your home that can be used for multiple purposes. They are designed to be flexible and can be entire rooms or just a space in your home that can evolve over the years to better fit your lifestyle. Flex rooms can range from a second primary suite to game rooms and are the perfect way to serve your evolving needs as a homeowner.

The main benefit of flex spaces is that they easily allow homeowners to personalize floorplans to suit their needs and interests. This is your chance to craft a space that your family will enjoy for years to come.

Some options may involve an extra cost; however, builders often include flex room options in their designs that typically cost much less than reworking an existing blueprint.

How to Design an Extra Room

There are many ways to utilize a flex space in your home. To make the most of this area, start by thinking about what your needs are. Perhaps you are looking for a place to make space for your new baby, show off your book collection or cultivate your hobbies. Keep in mind that this space can evolve over time. What starts out as a reading nook could end up as a multigenerational suite or home office.

While designing your ideal flex room will most likely be an ongoing process, experts recommend utilizing multipurpose furniture, versatile materials and colors. They also suggest maximizing natural light to ensure the space continues to meet your needs.

Are you ready to personalize your bonus area? Here are five flex room ideas to help you get started:

Craft Room

Transform your flex space into the ultimate craft room. Whether you are an artist or just like to scrapbook, a spare room provides an area in your home dedicated to your favorite hobby. Line the walls with shelves or custom cabinets to hold your supplies and store any unwanted messes. Add an industrial table to spread out your projects. Additionally, be sure to plan for any specific lighting your hobby may require.

Home Office

Maybe you work from home or are simply looking for a quiet spot to pay your bills. Transform your flex room into a home office complete with a desk, a few bookcases and some filing cabinets. You will also want to consider getting a desk lamp, which offers adjustable task lighting and may help reduce eye strain and increase energy. By converting unused space into a home office, you will have a place to focus when you need to meet a deadline or work late.

Reading Nook or Library

Flex rooms can also be a place for peace and quiet. For instance, you can easily create a reading nook where you can go to unwind with a good book. Install standalone or built-in bookshelves and add a comfortable chair or a window seat if you are short on space. Do not forget a small stand or table to set down a cup of tea or your glasses. You can even incorporate candles or inspirational quotes into the space to help you unwind.

Entertainment Room

If you enjoy hosting get-togethers, turn your flex space into an entertainment room. This area could be a home theater, a game room or a place for school-aged children to hang out. By having a designated entertainment space, you will not have to worry about disrupting the rest of the family when you want to watch a movie late at night or play a game of pool. Your home will quickly become the new gathering place for your friends and family.

Home Gym

Home gyms are becoming increasingly popular these days. Your workout space can be as simple as adding free weights and a yoga mat or as extensive as converting an entire room with your favorite cardio equipment and a wall-mounted TV to keep you entertained. Be sure to install rubber mats under the weights and machines, as well as a small table to store water bottles, cleaning wipes, towels and more.


Flex spaces are your chance to create a special spot that your family will enjoy for years to come. Are you still looking for some flex room ideas before you start crafting your ideal space? Explore Perry Homes’ gallery to browse luxurious designs and find your inspiration.


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Personalize Your New Home With These Flex Room Ideas

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