The Best Paint Colors for Each Room in Your Home

The Best Paint Colors for Each Room in Your Home

Are you looking to freshen up your walls? The color you paint each room can have a significant effect on your mood. Explore our guide to the best paint colors to ensure your walls set the tone you desire for you and your guests.


The best colors for bedroom walls evoke a sense of peace and relaxation. After all, your bedroom should be a sanctuary in which you unwind and destress after a hectic day — the last thing you need is a neon wall to give you a headache! Instead, stick to neutrals and cool colors. Here are a few examples:

  • Blue is classic, calming and consistently ranked among the best colors for bedroom walls.
  • Pale purples and yellows can add a touch of fun and brightness without overwhelming the mood.
  • Tan, white and gray are safe, neutral choices that allow for colorful décor elsewhere in the room.
  • Sage, teal and dark greens are often associated with nature and evoke a feeling of serenity.


When it comes to kitchens, stick to white, red, gray, yellow or green.

  • White is fresh, clean and energizing. Its neutral tone also allows you to experiment with color in the backsplash, countertops and cabinets for an added dash of personality.
  • Red stimulates the appetite. It is bold, versatile and makes a statement in any kitchen.
  • Gray is a go-to that serves as the perfect base to build upon. As long as you pair it with contrasting colors, this can serve as the perfect starting point for a striking kitchen.
  • Yellow is also said to make people hungry, according to color psychology. It can brighten up any room, and it pairs well with white and gray accents.
  • Green — especially shades like apple and mint — pairs nicely with wood accents and white cabinets.

If you are looking to achieve a bold, modern look, black kitchens are a home design trend to watch for in 2021. This color provides richness and depth to even the smallest spaces.


Do not be afraid to get creative with your bathroom color choice. The most popular colors include taupe, cream, charcoal, pistachio, light blue and light green, but the sky is the limit in a smaller space like this.

The bathroom is also a great place to experiment with contrast. You cannot go wrong with a black or white wall complemented by your favorite color. Just be sure you choose a dark and bright shade to ensure a visually pleasing variation.

Additionally, you also may want to consider Pantone’s colors of the year, “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” if you are looking to paint your bathroom. Try these colors side by side for a trendy touch that balances brightness with neutrality.

Living Space

Did you know most American families spend most of their time at home in the living room? That said, you will want to make sure you really love the color you choose for its walls. According to the experts, the best living room colors are green, gray, yellow, blue and beige. These colors add character and warmth to your room without coming off as distracting or overwhelming.

When selecting a color for your living space, keep in mind that this area often flows into the kitchen. If your paint color you choose does not match the kitchen walls, make sure it does not clash.

But remember: this is your space, and these are just suggestions. Paint your walls the colors that make you happiest, as no one spends more time in your home than you!

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The Best Paint Colors for Each Room in Your Home

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