Creative 4th of July Treats Everyone Will Love

Creative 4th of July Treats Everyone Will Love

Independence Day is the perfect time to enjoy a backyard barbecue with friends and loved ones. We have put together a list of our favorite 4th of July treats that will make celebrating our country’s greatness sweeter than ever. Explore these five delicious 4th of July dessert recipes you should include on your menu this year.

Red, White and Blueberry Cake

If you are looking for a 4th of July treat that is a real showstopper, this flag cake is sure to be the star – all 50 of them. This colorful treat features ripe berries and soft confetti cake to get your guests in the festive and celebratory mood. Decorating this cake is easy. Once the cake is fully baked, simply organize your blueberries, strawberries and frosting into your stars and stripes.

Get this 4th of July dessert recipe here, courtesy of Food Network.

Bomb Pops

Remember rushing outside after hearing that unmistakable jingle of the ice cream truck? One of the most iconic offerings from the ice cream man was the Bomb Pop, the red, white and blue popsicle featuring cherry, lime and blue raspberry flavors. Sure, they came out with plenty of other flavors, but nothing beats the original. While they do sell these in groceries, you can also make your own. All you need are some select ingredients and a popsicle mold.

This recipe from Cooking with Janica is a real winner! 

Mixed Berry Trifle

A loaded trifle is quite the 4th of July dessert to behold when layered correctly. This patriotic version has all the things anyone could love. Silky cream cheese, ripe berries and soft angel food cake make up this colorful dessert. This dessert can (and maybe should) be made the day before your party to allow all the flavors to settle together. With so many layers of goodness, everyone is sure to be satisfied.

We love this recipe from Food Network’s Sunny Anderson.

Patriotic Ice Cream

Thomas Jefferson is often attributed with bringing ice cream to the United States. This is not entirely true (it shows up in the colonies as early as 1744), but his love of the frozen dessert was widely known, and he was certainly instrumental in making it popular stateside. Jefferson’s recipe simply calls for heavy cream, egg yolks, and plenty of sugar; however, you can find far less eggy options at your local grocer.

With just a few colorful ingredients, you can honor Mr. Jefferson with a frozen 4th of July treat suitable for one of our greatest forefathers. Take your favorite vanilla ice cream and serve it with an assortment of blue and red toppings like sprinkles, blueberry pie filling, strawberry sauce or red and blue M&Ms. Really, the sky’s the limit.

Bourbon Peach Cobbler

Cobbler originated in the British American colonies as a substitute for traditional suet puddings, which required ingredients that were hard to come by in the New World. This specific cobbler includes another American classic, Bourbon, a type of whiskey that originated in Bourbon County, Kentucky. This American spirit is aged in charred oak barrels and must contain at least 51 percent corn. By adding the official state fruit of Georgia, this dessert is the perfect slice of Americana to celebrate our great country.

Get the full recipe here, courtesy of Perry Homes’ “The Sizzle.”

These 4th of July treats are best served in a spacious backyard full of your neighbors and friends. You can find your dream Texas home today, complete with a stunning backyard patio to host your next Independence Day barbecue.

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Creative 4th of July Treats Everyone Will Love

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