3 Tips for Designing Children’s Spaces in Your Home

3 Tips for Designing Children’s Spaces in Your Home

Perry Homes’ MyFlex floor plans offer endless customization options — and a playroom is one way to transform this space. The key to designing a children’s space, though, is combining the right furniture with ample storage and a little imagination.

Ready to explore how you can transform your flex room into an area where your child can study, learn, play and grow? These tips will help you create the perfect space.

Create Zones

One great way to maximize your flex space is to divide it into specific zones. That way, your child will have a designated spot to engage in different activities. You can use rugs, room dividers or shelves to clearly mark each area. Here are a few zone ideas to help get you started:

School Zone

Set up a small desk for your child complete with a computer, keyboard, notepads, pens and other basic office supplies. You can also place a bookshelf in this area, so they have an area to store all their favorite books. Make sure your child has plenty of lighting, quiet surroundings and a comfortable chair to help them concentrate on their homework.

Art Zone

Art is an excellent way for children to express their creativity. Provide paper with markers, paints, colored pencils and crayons in cups or supply boxes. Set up a small table that you would not mind getting messy and watch their masterpieces come to life. Make sure there is plenty of space on a nearby wall for your child to proudly hang their work.

Play Zone

Give your child a place to let their imagination run wild with their very own play zone. From board games to dolls and action figures, children need a space to play and pretend freely. To keep the area tidy, utilize some of these storage methods:

Storage Cubes

These versatile pieces are a great option for open storage and look great on any style of shelf.


Placing toys in different bins will keep your child organized. With a variety of styles, you can choose what works best for your space.


Both convenient and stylish, ottomans are a perfectly discreet solution for stashing toys.

Window Seats

Window seats are another great hidden storage option. They are the ideal height for your child and can also easily fit larger toys.


Speaking of seating, do not be afraid to get creative when giving your child a fun place to curl up with a good book. Hammocks, beanbags, swings, swivel stools, adjustable couches and floor cushions are a great place to start. You can even add a tent over some of these seating options to create a cozy hideout.


When designing your children’s space, go bright and bold! Use vibrant colors, big shapes, fun patterns and more to create a room that inspires your child to think outside the box. You can even give the room a theme and scatter their favorite cartoon characters, sports or hobbies throughout the space with wall stickers, blankets, stuffed animals and more. Chalkboard and whiteboard walls are another great way to take your décor to the next level.

Try focusing less on aesthetics and more on what your child will truly love. The more this room captures their personality, the more they will want to use it — and keep it clean.

Before you start designing your children’s space, you will need a flex room that can easily be transformed into your child’s dream play area. Explore Perry Homes’ MyFlex floor plans and browse our gallery to gather inspiration!

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3 Tips for Designing Children’s Spaces in Your Home

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