The Different Types of Backyard Ponds

The Different Types of Backyard Ponds

Flowing water is believed to be calming and restorative. It’s no wonder that a small pond can bring peace and harmony to one’s yard. A pond makes a great addition to achieving a zen-like backyard as well as bringing more life and variation into your outdoor space. There are a few different types of backyard ponds you can have built. We are exploring the possibilities to help you choose what kind of pond would be best for your yard.

Ground Pond

The ground pond is a classic and the type of pond that comes to mind when you think of what a pond should be. You may choose to have your pond be in-ground to make it look more natural, or have it above ground lined with stones for a more regal look. Whether you choose to build a pond above or in-ground, both types require a pond liner. Your pond liner can either be a tarp, or an actual structure that will act as a base for your pond. If you are building in-ground, your pond liner will go in the hole that you dig. You can then choose to cover this liner with rocks or other sediment to give it a natural look. The important point is to ensure that your water will not leak into the ground below or become muddied. Once you have your base established, all you need is a garden hose to fill up your pond with water.

Garden Pond

A garden pond incorporates nature into its structure giving it an organic and natural look. While your base will still start with a pond liner, a garden pond is typically in-ground and not so separated from the rest of the yard. In fact, a garden pond should be as unified as possible with the rest of your garden. You can achieve this by surrounding your pond with flowers and pond plants you may find near a real pond. Incorporate aquatic plants such as water lilies and lily pads into your pond to achieve this look. As a tip for any pond that you build, it is important to ensure that the water does not grow stagnant, especially if you plan to keep fish in your pond. To keep the water fresh and clean, you can keep water cleaning plants in your pond, such as water hyacinths or water poppies. You can also install a water pump in your pond to keep the water aerated.

Water Garden

Similar to a garden pond, a good water garden will have incorporated plant life in its area. Water gardens typically are more involved than a simple ground pond with more extravagant layouts and multiple smaller ponds flowing together or connected in some way. Water gardens typically rely on eye-catching water features such as waterfalls or the shape of the backyard ponds themselves. You can achieve this with flat stones to cover up the pond liner and to give a zen-like look to your outdoor space. Having a water garden gives you a chance to be creative. Think of your space as a canvas and think outside of the box. As a final tip for whatever type of pond you wish to build, your pond does not have to be very deep at all. If you don’t plan to keep fish, two feet deep is plenty of space for water to flow. If you wish to keep Koi fish or other pond-dwelling creatures, you should plan to build your pond three feet or deeper to give them the space they need for a happy life.

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The Different Types of Backyard Ponds

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