Entryway Design Ideas That Make an Impact

Entryway Design Ideas That Make an Impact

As a homeowner, you only have one chance to make a positive first impression when guests enter your home. Explore seven entryway design ideas that will help you set the tone for your space and impress your friends and family the moment they walk through the front door.


Most people prefer their entryway to feel bright, airy and welcoming rather than dim and dark. If you do not have much natural light coming through your windows, you can use a hanging light fixture, floor lamp or table lamp — or a combination of the three — to create the same effect. Halogen bulbs, which mimic real sunlight, are a great option for brightening up this space.

Entryway Table

To complement a smaller space, place a narrow entryway table (or console) against your wall. This not only serves as a practical place to set down your belongings — it is also an opportunity to add decorative touches to your entryway. Spruce this table up with plants, books, picture frames or anything else that suits your style.

Accent Rugs

There is no better way to define your entryway area than with a large, bold rug. You want something stylish enough to make a statement but also durable and dark enough to handle dirt that may be tracked in from outside. Remember to have fun with your selection, and do not be afraid to experiment with patterns, colors and textures.

Storage Options

If your friends and family have a spot to put their belongings as soon as they arrive, it will be much easier to find them when they leave. Set out a shoe rack and put a coat hanger by the door. Additionally, consider leaving a small, decorative dish for keys, cash and other items that would otherwise be scattered around your home.


Mirrors can open up your space and make it appear larger than it actually is. Not only does this decor add depth, but it is also another great way to show off your style. Round, brassy mirrors, for example, are one of the biggest design trends of 2021. And, from a more practical standpoint, your guests will enjoy having a spot to quickly check their appearance after traveling.


Seating is another functional entryway design idea. If you have enough room, add a small chair or bench against your entryway wall to provide a welcoming space for guests to unwind, take off their shoes and set their belongings down once they arrive. Many benches also offer secret storage drawers as an added bonus.

Make It Personal

Make your home feel like home as soon as you walk inside by capturing your personality through your decor. Frame family pictures, hang your favorite quote canvases on the wall and incorporate all the colors, patterns and accents that make you happy. Although it is important to impress your friends and family, remember that this is your space to come home to at the end of the day. It should make you feel just as welcome as your guests.

Did any of these entryway décor ideas catch your eye? Explore Perry Homes’ gallery of beautiful entryways to help you craft a space that impresses your guests every time they walk through the front door.

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Entryway Design Ideas That Make an Impact

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