How To Bring the Outdoors in With Nature-Inspired Design

How To Bring the Outdoors in With Nature-Inspired Design

Nature-inspired design is among the most popular interior decorating trends in 2021, as people are searching for new ways to experience the calming ambiance and mental health benefits of spending time outside from the comfort of their homes.

After all, there is nothing better than a beautiful, aesthetic home design element that also serves a functional purpose. From proven psychological benefits to sustainable food sourcing and beyond, there are many reasons why you should bring the outdoors into your home this year.

And, if you prefer not to keep live plants in the house, you can implement other decor concepts that will make your space feel equally earthy and comforting. Ready to get started? Explore our nature-inspired design tips for some earthy inspiration as you decorate your home.

Hanging Plants

Did you know you can cultivate an entire garden in your home without taking up a single square foot of space? As an innovative alternative to potted floor plants, indoor hanging plants will instantly bring light to any room from an elevated perspective. Larger plants like these can improve airflow, reduce stress and boost productivity, among many other scientifically proven health benefits. Water this greenery whenever its soil is dry to the touch — just be sure the bottom of your basket is completely sealed to avoid leakage.


Succulents are a stylish, low-commitment home design option compared to traditional houseplants. These tiny shrubs have grown exponentially in popularity over the last 10 years, especially among millennials. Why? First, they are fun and versatile — each one is perfectly unique and brings charm to any small table, shelf or countertop. Second, they are by far the easiest type of plant to care for. All succulents, from aloe plants to holiday cacti, actually thrive on dry soil and neglect. In fact, the easiest way to kill them is by watering too often. If you are looking for a trendy, simple way to bring live plants into your home without the stress, succulents are your answer.

Herb Gardens

Keep all the bold flavors of cilantro, basil, rosemary, mint and more right at your fingertips by planting them at home. Not only do herb gardens provide the same benefits and natural aesthetic as regular plants, but they are also a practical way to incorporate fresh, nutritious flavors into your recipes. All you have to do is find a simple growing kit, place your pots near a window, water them daily and watch them flourish.

Additionally, fresh herbs from the store are usually expensive and expire quickly, so you will end up saving money in the long run by growing them yourself. Home herb gardens are a gift that keeps on giving, as they continuously regenerate their leaves after they are picked. Plus, nothing beats the taste of healthy, homegrown goodness.

Indoor Plant Alternatives

Not fond of live plants? You are in luck! There are plenty of ways to add some nature-inspired design into your indoor space. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Natural Art and Patterns

Whether it is an art piece of a beautiful landscape or a decorative pillow embellished with a leafy pattern, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate nature into your home design without using plants. Since the natural aesthetic is very on-trend, it will be easy to find an array of earthy decor that matches your style and budget.


Shiplap has also become popular in recent years. When stacked like siding, these wooden panels form a simple and chic accent wall reminiscent of a cozy cabin or barn in the great outdoors. Shiplap can be placed over your existing drywall and stained any finish or color to match your desired tone for the room, depending on if you are looking for something more rustic and vintage or crisp and clean.

Earth Tones

If you are hesitant about raising live plants, fill your home with all their captivating colors instead. By decorating your space with variant shades of green, tan, brown and cream, you can still bring the outdoors in and make any room feel vibrant and homey.

Wicker, Twigs and Sticks

When combined with the ideas mentioned above, these home design elements perfectly accentuate every shade of green in your home with a neutral, outdoorsy touch. From wheat-like grasses set in a floor pot, to birch twigs peeking out of a coffee table vase and an artisan wicker basket holding throw blankets beside the couch, this decorative concept is stylish and simple to create.

No matter if you are an experienced gardener looking to cultivate a personal, inhome greenhouse, a beginner searching for stress-free succulents or someone who wants to avoid houseplants entirely, there are ample ways to bring the outdoors in and make your home feel one with nature.

There is certainly no shortage of ways to bring the outdoors in with nature-inspired design. Want to add some earthy décor to your home? Explore Perry Homes’ gallery of beautiful house designs to find your inspiration.

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How To Bring the Outdoors in With Nature-Inspired Design

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