Patio Lighting Ideas

Patio Lighting Ideas

One of the best parts of summer is being able to sit on your beautiful patio and enjoy your home. For gatherings that last into the night, incorporating your own unique patio lighting ideas into your decor will add atmosphere and warmth to your backyard. The fun part is that you can get creative with your lights. There are lighting options that are perfect for every style and budget.

Strings of light

One popular patio lighting trend is using outdoor string lights. They are versatile, simple yet beautiful, and come in many different varieties. The bulbs come in different shapes and sizes, which allows you to customize the lighting to your own style. For example, you can go for a vintage look with exposed filament bulbs. To create a romantic atmosphere, use small bulbs that are reminiscent of twinkling starlight. For a more rustic look, try a string of small lanterns. You can also get creative with various lighting options, from multicolored to twinkling lights.

Depending on how your patio is laid out, there are several different ways to brighten it up. If you have a deck, try wrapping string lights around the railing to give your patio a pleasant atmosphere. You can also use step lighting to create several focal points and draw the eye. For patios featuring a gazebo or pergola, wrap the columns with mini lights, then add strings with larger bulbs to the ceiling. If your patio doesn’t have any tall objects to hang lights from, you can place posts around it. If inserting the posts into the ground sounds too daunting or permanent, you can try securing them with a bit of concrete and a flower pot.

Fire and Flames

To bathe your patio in a cozy, natural light, consider using fire to light it up. There are a variety of options to consider for your space. From the soft glow of candles to the crackling warmth of a fire pit, here are some functional and fashionable flame-based lighting choices to consider for your backyard oasis.


For a soft, intimate atmosphere, try adding candles to your patio. Their flickering light will bathe your guests in a soft, soothing glow. Available in a variety of colors and styles, you can use them to add an element of design to your space.

You can arrange several pillar candles on a tabletop to illuminate the table and create a beautiful centerpiece. For a whimsical evening, adorn your patio with hanging candle holders. Try placing candles inside clear glass lanterns all around your patio for a wilderness-inspired look. To turn your patio into a formal gathering space, you can hang a candle chandelier from the beams of a gazebo or pergola.

If mosquitos are a problem in your area, you can use citronella candles to keep your guests more comfortable. Electric or battery-operated candles are also available as a safer, more kid-friendly option.

Fire Pit

For a fun, functional patio lighting option, use a fire pit to brighten your outdoor gathering space. No matter the season, your guests can come together around the glow of the crackling fire.

To avoid breaking the bank, you can purchase a simple wood-burning fire pit. If you have more to spend, you can go with a pricier gas-burning option. From stone to metal, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to providing light, fire pits are great for entertaining. You and your guests can gather around the fire and cook hot dogs or toast marshmallows for delicious s’mores. In the winter, the flames can provide an excellent source of warmth for you and your guests.

outdoor fire pit with stones within a marble topped table next to an outdoor wicker sofa

Landscape lighting

You can choose to light up your entire backyard with landscape lighting, which will highlight the architectural details of your home and thoughtful landscaping of your yard. With this strategically placed lighting, you can easily guide guests’ gazes to the blossoming flower beds, towering trees, and eye-catching intricacies of your home.

To bring attention to your landscaping, add well lights beneath trees to illuminate them from the ground up, or add small lamps to your flower beds. Create a moonlit glow on your patio by adding a downlight to the branches of your trees. Light the way for your guests by placing path lighting along walkways. There are several solar-powered, LED options, so no cords are necessary. Post-mount lights are a great medium-height option for brightening your outdoor space. Simply place the posts around the edge of your deck or patio to create a soft glow.

After you choose one of these patio lighting ideas for your outdoor space, you’ll never want to come inside. Your patio will become your favorite spot for relaxing with friends or even a good book. For more tips on sprucing up your outdoor entertaining space, check out this blog post. If you’re looking for the perfect home and patio to call your own, browse our selection of homes.

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Patio Lighting Ideas

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