Staging a Home for Sale

Staging a Home for Sale

Sometimes the toughest part of selling a home is assuring your new audience that they can and should be able to see themselves living there. You want your clients to be able to picture themselves at the start of their day having their morning coffee at the bar all the way to taking their drive home to relax in the tub of the master bath. An essential part of the process to get there is by making sure the home looks and feels ready to take on newcomers and is presentable for those who are interested. Whether that home be a sprawling mansion or a comfy condo on a smaller scale, setting the scene by staging can be what gets you from being listed to being sold.

That being said, here’s 6 steps to staging that can help you sell your client’s home in just the right style.

Starting with what matters most, you can make sure a home is showroom ready by giving it a good scrub. Simply tidying up a space can give it the appearance of being bigger. Plus, buyers feel more comfortable when they can envision a space they can one day call their own. So in order to make a successful sale, keeping a home clean is key. With dust and dander gone, potential buyers can focus on everything else the place has to offer. Suggest a quality cleaning service to your client in order to be sure the job gets done right.

Show off the storage

Draw attention to the amount of storage space throughout the home. That may mean clearing cabinets and closets out completely so guests can see how much room they have to grow. Utilize any areas that show potential for extra room and that information is bound to come in handy. Time it perfectly by bringing up those roomy cabinets and drawers while guests are making their way through the kitchen and encourage them to take a peek.

Let in the light

Choose areas of a home that you may want highlighted by opening up curtains and blinds to let natural light in. A simple wash of sunlight can illuminate assets of the building—like that fabulous stone fireplace in the living room—while simultaneously hiding some of its less appealing qualities. Try to plan some extra surface room for a few lamps that can easily fit into the ambience just in case the weather decides to take a dreary turn.

Take out the personal touches

Make some serious moves to declutter a home and take down anything that adds an intentional flair. For example, carefully wrap and put away photos to be sure that the home you are representing reflects only itself and not the people who currently live there. Potential homeowners want to see what they can create for themselves in a room. They may dream of the perfect place to start fresh with stuff they already own. They may also imagine their living space filled with pieces they have had their eye on for a while. So by clearing personal items like photos and statement works of art, you can help potential buyers reach their own lifestyle goals.

Design lightly

Keep the design to a minimum. Modern yet sleek décor featuring clean lines and neutral colors work best when showcasing a room. If you see an area that might need some help, put in something special that can blend in tastefully. This might include taking an all white bedroom and adding a pop of color in the form of decorative pillows or a textured throw. Let a light touch guide the designer in you to give a space what it needs without taking away from the overall vibe.

beige master bedroom with curved wall of windows, neutral  décor and view of community ponds

Keep it clean

Down to the detail

Just when you think you might be ready to host a successful open house, remember to care for the finer details. A cost effective and discreetly placed air freshener can fill the air with a hint of baked sugar cookies. You might also come to find that a vase full of fresh flowers help make even the barest of countertops just a bit brighter. In other words, tie a home together with each one of these steps into a neat package that potential homeowners will find difficult to walk away from.

It helps to know how you can work a room to your advantage using basic tricks and tweaks. What do you find works best when staging a home? Let us know in the comments!

open-concept kitchen with dark wood cabinets, granite countertops, tile backsplash, center island and wood-like tile floor

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Staging a Home for Sale

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